Sometimes when a team suffers a tough loss, people will try to spin it as “a moral victory” that the team “can learn from,” and even though every team wants to win every game, a close loss to a good team can still be “a good loss.” You’ve heard all of these things before, but you sure weren’t hearing them after the Nuggets spanked the Hornets yesterday.

Check out this assemblage of quotes from a very sad hive of buzzy bees, courtesy of the AP:

”Not any good thing to take from a game like this,” New Orleans coach Monty Williams said. [...]

”We are having problems right now,” Hornets point guard Greivis Vasquez said. ”We are just embarrassed.” [...]

”The NBA is a cruel league,” said Williams. ”They try to embarrass you every night and that’s what you saw tonight.”

If you were just judging by these quotes, you’d think the Hornets just broke the record for worst margin of defeat in the same game where they set the record for most losses in a season while simultaneously setting the record for fewest points scored in a game, not just an 18-point loss in the middle of November. Monty Williams especially makes this sound like the most depressing game in the history of basketball. Ugh.

Besides, there definitely are some things to learn from this game. Things like, I don’t know, maybe don’t let the other team dunk on you all the time or stop getting blocked when you try to dunk. These are a couple simple adjustments that the Hornets can make in order to prevent their players and coach from bumming everyone out.