Ballin: Check out Jrue Holiday over here, going for 33 points and 13 assists on 62 percent shooting in a 76ers win. Two straight games of 13 assists for Jrue the Damaja, which would make him second in the league in assists per game if that stat was measured on a two-game sample size.

Not so much: Andrea Bargnani went 2-19 from the field in the Raptors’ double OT loss to the Spurs. At the time, it seemed like every one of those 17 misses was a three that would tie the game or take the lead, but I’m looking at the stats and that’s just not the case. Turns out he only missed seven of his eight shots in the fourth quarter and overtime, which is way better.

More like Jerknobili: Why does Manu have to keep embarrassing people all over the place?

I guess Ed Davis is the winner for this play since he’s the only Raptor who Manu Ginobili didn’t do something to. Congratulations, Honest Ed.

New Dikembe: Deron Williams set his new career-high in blocks with four in the Nets’ win at home against the Trail Blazers. That’s as many as Anderson Varejao has all season, which just feels weird.

Fire in the hole: This is the scariest sight in all of the NBA — a sweaty Glen Davis hurtling at you at 100 percent speed.

Amazingly, no one was hurt on this play because miracles do exist.

Mecca lecca hi: Including yesterday’s loss, the Detroit Pistons have dropped seven straight games in Madison Square Garden, failing to notch a win in Manhattan since Rasheed Wallace was still a Piston despite the fact the Knicks have won just 53 percent of their home games during that stretch.

Et tu?: Jordan Hamilton has played all of 35 games in a Nuggets uniform, but he seems to have a firm grasp on what they’re trying to accomplish.

The Nuggets seemed to have owned the skies in their win against the Hornets, so it’s good to see even minor players getting in on the action. That’s seven straight losses for the Hornets, who used to be above .500 once upon a time. Those were the days.

Other things: Shane Battier sprained his knee Saturday night, which means he could miss some time for the Heat, who instantly become less wrinkly-headed … Rajon Rondo tallied his 37th straight game with double-digit assists, officially joining John Stockton in second place for Record I Care Least About … Sit down, Paul Pierce … That Kevin Durant nickname lawsuit is still ongoing … Stay weird, Chris Bosh