Not only that, he doesn’t believe that chocolate milk or coconut water are good post-workout drinks. Plus, he knew Airborne was a placebo way before the FTC got involved. And don’t even get him started on skinny jeans.

(via PBT)

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  1. Relaxed fit powerbands perhaps Cubes?

  2. Power Balance already settled a class action lawsuit and basically admitted the bracelets were a sham. How are they still being sold, let alone endorsed by the NBA?

  3. Good for Mark Cuban and shame on the NBA. Endorsing this witchcraft science mumbo jumbo reflects extremely poorly on the NBA. SHAME! SHAME!

  4. Trey would make for a great blog post about other scams the NBA has deals with

    1. Nigerian princes
    2. Foreign Lotteries
    3. Ponzi
    4. Religion :)
    5. Coconut Water
    6. Book off Pay off prizes

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