It’s nice when something that you’ve been hoping would exist finally gets made and turns out even better than you could imagine. Robert Sacre.

(via Believe the Hype)

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  1. So awesome. Well done by Tom & Benyam. #believethehype

  2. “Do you think he’s doing the robot/kung-fu thing too much?”

    “Oh, it’s really the only move he’s got.”

  3. if they win the championship this year, he should do a Mark Madsen-like jig during the parade. :))

  4. Between this and Duhon’s travel dance, do the Lakers have the best bench dance/celebration team in the NBA?

  5. one more thing: i’d love to see Sacre react to the Barnes dunk over Mount Pekovic.

  6. He also averages 15.2 personal fouls per 36 minutes. He’s the complete package.

  7. Hopefully, this will ultimately necessitate a reporter asking Kobe if he’s seen this, or any of Ro-Sac’s dancing, and what he thinks of it….

    … Now we play: the waiting game!

  8. If I could buy that song on iTunes, I would

  9. UGH! This upsets me! I was going to suggest Sacre as the #HumanVictoryCigar but forgot to mail it in.

  10. Ronny Thuriaf on the Lakers bench is well remembered and honored!

  11. What’s the tune and where do I get it?

  12. zag fan checkin in. much love to sacre. glad he’s a laker. wish we had a team. seattle

  13. #believethehype

    Nice work lads. Gold! :)

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