Ep. 879: The Battle

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap last night’s eight-game slate in The Association. Topics discussed include: the playoff-like atmosphere at the Barclays Center, Gerald Wallace’s defense, a classic “Feltdown,” J.R. Smith’s breakaway three, Brook’s pick-and-roll defense, the Bucks bench, Iguodala’s ejection, thrilling three-pointers, and the Hornets’ Jason Smith.

All that, plus the Knicks/Nets rivalry, justified gunners, “Small Sample Size Theatre,” literary nicknames for Kobe, chants, dog shit, and much, much more.


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  1. “All glory be to Kobe” has to be a drop whenever Kobe goes off.

  2. Will Ferrell is the coolest courtside celebrity, especialy when Nate Robinson was playing, multiple shake and bake fist bumps every game

  3. Bobcats took 79 shots, the Thunder took 78. Pretty impressive.

  4. Tas on Game of Thrones!

  5. Are you guys planning on posting the video of the fix at an earlier time like you used to or is this the new norm – podcast late morning/early afternoon and video late afternoon? I prefer the video (not sure why).


    • Right now, it’s the norm unfortunately. Dealing with tech difficulties. Hopefully, this will be corrected at some point, but don’t have a date on that.

  6. Thought you guys might enjoy this look at the Red Rocket: http://vimeo.com/37039113

  7. The Brooklyn chant might be an ode to this song, but sorry, it doesn’t translate to a good chant: http://youtu.be/NxiScxjomA8

    • also heavily encouraged in the opening game montage – http://thebrooklyngame.com/the-slick-nets-opening-night-video-theme-song/

      that being said, it’s more a part of the immediate BK culture.

      Personally think a “Where’s Brooklyn At” chant would be 1000x better (just like the Saints with “Who Dat”

    • don’t be silly, its hood, its what they wanna represent and present themselves at. its a goon chant for a goon neighberhood. its perfect. and its intimidating, we in BROOOOOOOOOOK. def better than go nets go or lets go brooklyn lets go.

      • Something isn’t good just because it references something else.

        For proof of this see the later work a certain Mr. Tarantino.

  8. Taz u crazy.. The nets “broooooklynnnnnn” chant is from fabolous, jayz, and Uncle Murder single ‘Brooklyn’ which was in the soundtrack to american ganster…. pretty sick song and cool chant imo

  9. Today I learned that Avery Johnson is trying to rail Brook Lopez. Not sure this is an effective motivational technique.

  10. While many have taken note of Trey’s upper body work this season, the face/neck situation has got a lot going on too. Kind of reminds me of Graham Chapman in chain mail as King Arthur. Also, wear some orange. Interested to know what you guys think about KLove’s mindset is right now. Usage way up, baskets off assits from his teammates way down. Small sample size hell!

    • Very good point, as much as I hate to see it Kevin Love is rapidly closing in on a dangerous ego that if history teaches us anything is going to hinder his legacy (amongst people who can think for themselves). A perfect mindset for escaping to OKC once his opt out arrives, but a pussy ass way of hurting a franchise. Ricky Rubio is the only hope for Klove staying in sota if his ego continues to grow. He is a top ten player in the league but developing a polar opposite Duncan mentality that wont allow for success to be built around him solely. Win: OKC, loss: small market teams. Possible win: 30 team league slowly becoming unsustainable due to ego. I blame the banks. Howeva being practical the way to make the NBA a better product would be to reduce teams and number of games in the season: more complete teams competing at a higher level throughout the season. Excuse my grammar, the realm of ideas Im presenting is clear. Go fuck yourself.

  11. Nice tits trey, hoollla

  12. Tas killed it with his Kobe and Game of Thrones reference

  13. You can still watch “blackout” games on the iPad….I stream games to AppleTV from my iPad, so maybe that makes a difference. Anyway, to get around the blackout, start watching another game, and then tap on the screen to bring up the ticker. If you click on a different game, it should go right to the feed, rather than taking you to the game centre/box score. If you click on a blacked out game, it will take you right to the feed. I watched the Nets/Knicks game last night as well as a few others (Raptors games, etc.) earlier in the season. Again, that’s streaming to AppleTV. Good luck!

  14. kris humphries is outbanging everybody


  16. Today is the first time this year a power forward has won the woah boy. Also, this is the 4th time the woah boy has lost, (afflalo, varejao, and durant) and the woah boy is averaging 27.7 pts, 9.6 rebounds, and 6.9 assists with a +\- of 124 on the season.

    Also I have floor seats to see the wizards play the Trailblazers tomorrow night, in case you were wondering who is watching those teams. It’s probably just me. Look for a guy in a red shirt in section 111 row B

  17. “Boozer reached around Ilyasova and made him bleed.” – Tas Melas

  18. If you want more Australian drops, three words: Rocko’s Modern Life.

  19. It only makes sense that Clash of the Boroughs would be followed by Wrath of the Boroughs

  20. Can you refresh me on the hierarchy of the Kate scale and the reasons for each one? Maybe Leigh could shed some light on this.

  21. Glad to see LaMarcus get the whoa boy today! He had an incredible game..good show guys!

  22. Nice show today. I was wondering if you guys could do a segment about the most annoying home court announcers. My vote is for the Lakers announcers-”M.W.P. FOR THREEEEEE”…..brick. They get so excited every time he shoots the ball, but he sucks. -AHHH, they just did it again as a write (10:00 2nd q). Rabble, rabble

    • After watching LP for a couple of weeks: Raptor announcers are the worst!! Absolutely terrible. I thought warriors guys were bad, but no! FFS!

  23. why no anatomy talk of Trey’s left areola

  24. You guys have ruined me on the word crossfire now everytime I read it or hear it said I immediately hear Tas and Skeets yelling Crossfire!!

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