CHICAGO, Illinois — Mess with a Bull, you get the horns.

Just ask Ersan Ilyasova who survived a Bull attack Monday night in Chicago.

The 25-year-old professional athlete was ferociously attacked on the upper right arm by an angry, half-tonne Aberdeen-Boozer breed from Alaska while collecting rebounds — and rock samples — for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Ilyasova and four male co-workers encountered the Bull with about 10 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of action in the United Center.

Ilyasova said he leapt for a rebound, which, in turn, must have triggered the Bull’s aggressive reaction.

“It started flailing wildly when it saw the basketball, and then it jumped on my arm,” Ilyasova told FOX Sports Wisconsin.

“I’m very lucky to be alive, I know that.”

The wild Bull then ran through three rows of chairs, charged two security officers, and rammed into Tom Thibodeau’s car in an underground parking lot.

It took four bullets an amnesty clause to kill it.