I think we can all agree that this is the perfect time for an impromptu round of typing-only Pun Gun. I mean, if the fourth-biggest daily paper in the United States can do it, why can’t we? I’ll start.

  • Nets beat Knicks, on to the next one
  • Brooklyn D’efense comes up big in win against Knicks
  • Nets ask: ‘Can I Get a Win Win?”
  • Curls, curls, curls: How Deron Williams’ haircut is taking over Brooklyn
  • Nets brush Knicks off their shoulder
  • It’s a hard Knicks loss for them
  • Reggie What, Reggie Who — Evans cleans glass in Nets win
  • Prokhorov plan proves money ain’t a thang
  • Ask the Knicks, they don’t want it with Nets, nooooooo!
  • Stackhouse: “I Just Wanna Shoot U (Give It 3 Me)”

Please add yours in the comments, but make sure they’re Nets-Knicksy. Or else.

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  1. Brooklyns Finest Nets top Knicks in battle of the Watch the Thrones

  2. we got jay-z references on jay-z references on jay-z references. that was also a jay-z reference for y’all

      • thanks trey. i’ve studied the life and times of s. carter till kingdom come since i’m an american gangster. this round of the print pun gun was really the best of both worlds on a collision course with two of my favorite things hov and the jones

  3. Nets follow their Blueprint to get a win

  4. stacks on stacks on stacks: jerry goes crazy from 3

  5. [picture of smiling jay-z]
    Jigga on top: we drop buckets non stop on you knickers!

  6. L to the NY, W to the BK…… (W pronounced dub for flow purposes)

  7. All these puns, and no “Empire State of Mind”….I mean….

  8. On To The Nets Won!

  9. Nets Ain’t Passed the Bar, Know a Little Bit, Win in OT Over the Knicks

  10. Who You Know Fresher than Joe (Johnson)? Riddle Me That.

  11. Yo, yo dog, what’s the difference between the Knicks and the Nets?

    Like 7 points, c!#@sucker. Beat it!

  12. - Knicks lose despite Carmelo’s (almost) 22 twos

    - Knicks bring knife to gunfight, lose in overtime

    - After 9-1 start, Knicks drop three of four, now breathing off res-por-rators

  13. Speaking of Jay-Z, you’ll probably get a kick out of this, Trey:


  14. Nets live on hard Knicks, don’t take over, 3-bomb block, burn on D and give it back.

    (Also: Stack from 3-point line: Okaaaay, I’m reloaded!)

  15. Jason Kidd didn’t play because he was Big Limpin’ Spending cheese…

  16. Hovally this rivalry last a long time

  17. Ray Felt Down after the loss, quoted saying “can i get a….shot to fall”

    Ray was polite coming off screens, saying “excuse me…” miss

    His shots just weren’t “Fallin”, he just wasn’t “feelin it”

    Coach Woodson said some of his shots were just “ignorant shit” to which Felton replied “I know”

    Woodson replied “it’s alright’ “on to the next one”

  18. If someone can figure out a Hawaiian Sophie pun…

  19. Don’t cry / It is to be / In time /
    I’ll take away your fanbase and make it mine

  20. It’s stronger than heroin
    When you could look in the mirror like, “WE GONNA WIN”
    And still not see what you become
    I know I’m guilty of it too but not like LIN
    You lost one
    Lose one, let LIN to get FELTone
    Let one, lose some to win some
    Sorry, I’m a champion, sorry, I’m a champion
    You lost one
    I don’t think it’s meant to be, SHEED
    But he loves his TECHS more than he does THREE
    And honestly, at FORTY three I would probably love my TECHS more than I did THREE

  21. “If She Watches You Might As Well Put a Ring On It: Beyonce views another Nets victory”

  22. Evans flop so hard motherf**kers wanna fine him.

  23. Knicks on Club Amnesia: Forgetting their winning ways against the Nets.

  24. Williams fashions a win over Knicks in the House of D’eron

  25. ‘This Shit Gravy’: Nets on 3 Game Winning Streak after Thanksgiving Weekend

    Avery Johnson ‘Can’t Knock the Hustle’ after Nets Suffer Hard-Fought Loss in Boston

    “Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself, My Name Is JOE”: Johnson Breaks Shooting Slump in Big Win

  26. “Bang 3′s like J. Stack, Felton airs it out”

    Freeway, Jay-Z & Beanie Siegel – What We Do (“bang like t-mac, ski mask air it out”)

  27. Cough up a lung, when he runs, Ra-sheed son

  28. Cause I’m Young and I’m Blatche and Stats are Low?

  29. Nets need an Encore to beat the Knicks
    Money, Blatche, Hoes- Andray adds nothing to Nets victory
    Brook Lopez Feelin’ It in big win
    Nets Squeeze 1st win in crosstown series

  30. What kind of a pun gun has a clip that big? NYDN doesnt play.

  31. Dear summer, I know you gon miss me….Cause we go together like Knicks fans and missed 3s

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