I think we can all agree that this is the perfect time for an impromptu round of typing-only Pun Gun. I mean, if the fourth-biggest daily paper in the United States can do it, why can’t we? I’ll start.

  • Nets beat Knicks, on to the next one
  • Brooklyn D’efense comes up big in win against Knicks
  • Nets ask: ‘Can I Get a Win Win?”
  • Curls, curls, curls: How Deron Williams’ haircut is taking over Brooklyn
  • Nets brush Knicks off their shoulder
  • It’s a hard Knicks loss for them
  • Reggie What, Reggie Who — Evans cleans glass in Nets win
  • Prokhorov plan proves money ain’t a thang
  • Ask the Knicks, they don’t want it with Nets, nooooooo!
  • Stackhouse: “I Just Wanna Shoot U (Give It 3 Me)”

Please add yours in the comments, but make sure they’re Nets-Knicksy. Or else.

(via Reddit)