Yo, I just want to shout a few people out real quick. Bear with me.

Shoutout to Mike Conley, Jr. Shoutout to all the Mike Conley, Jr. haters. Keep hating, haters. You just make us better.

Shoutout to Mike Conley, Sr. for making Mike Conley, Jr. and for killing it at the Olympics. Respect. Shoutout to Mrs. Conley too.

Shoutout to my agent, my manager, my booker, my manager’s manager, my bodyguard, Razor Ramon, Floyd Mayweather and the month of October. You guys made me.

Don’t let me forget — shoutout to my wife, kids and extended family. Much love.

Shoutout to websites.

Shoutout to Three Six Mafia and Juicy J for repping Memphis. Haters say no to the Grizzlies, Juicy J can’t.

Definite shoutout to Chipotle for never charging me extra for guacamole. Thanks for recognizing that $1.25 is ridiculous when you can buy three avocados for two bucks.

Shoutout to the city of Memphis and the whole state of Tennessee. Not you though, Murfreesboro. You still have a Books A Million.

Shoutout to Cinco Brand clipboards, the only clipboards a real man can trust. Thanks, Cinco.

And finally, shoutout to the big man upstairs. Well, the big two, really. Yeah, I’m talking about you, Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning. Thanks for making this dream a reality.

I know that’s a lot of shoutouts, but I just wanted to speak my mind. Shoutout to shoutouts. If I forgot someone, let me know. Shoutout to you.

(via BDL)

Comments (10)

  1. Is Lionel a user of the Cinco Eye Tanning System?

  2. You forgot woobly o’balls and jizzy tea cups.

  3. young pep dash?

  4. Ronald is cool?

  5. This article is missing one thing: And of course…….Woobly O’Balls!

  6. this needs the shout out theme music embedded

    • Everybody read that post with an austrailian accent right? Needs the music and the high pitched giggling in the background.

  7. Lionel and Leigh Ellis should hang out.

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