Ballin: Check out Greivis Vasquez over here with his 25 points, five threes, 10 assists and eight rebounds in the Hornets’ first win after seven straight losses. Nice job, man. (Do not check out his eight turnovers, because that is as gross as when he had a mullet.)

Not so much: Take your pick between player sucking (Raymond Felton going 3-19 with five turnovers in an overtime loss to the Nets), team sucking (the Bobcats were down 40 at halftime, eventually got down by 54 (!) and lost to the Thunder by 45), or team blowing a lead (the Bulls lost to the Bucks after blowing a 27-point lead in 15 minutes) for the worst of the night. I’ll take the Bulls because I am a Bulls fan and therefore very sad about what happened.

Fakesies: This is the uncoolest you’ll ever see Russell Westbrook look while not wearing an all-over print shirt or missing a contested jumper while Kevin Durant is wide open.

Lucky for Russ, he figured out dunking a few minutes later. Though I think we can all agree that an impromptu twisty layup would have been the better choice in that scenario as well.

Many hands down, many men down: The Clippers and Hornets combined to make 33 threes in their game last night, most in any regulation NBA game ever.

Wizards watch: Still winless, this time losing to the Spurs by 27. Some of them also ran in to each other on a 3-on-1 fast break. Moving on.

Bank?: If Carmelo Anthony didn’t call this, it didn’t count.

What an amazing shot. (The one the camera got. Melo’s was lucky.)

He’s back!: Charlie Villanueva has scored 30 points this season, 27 of which have come in the Pistons’ last two games. He is one-third of the way to his total from last season (91).

Alley-oopsies: Catching is for jerks. All dunks are throws now.

Pretty great catch-throw-dunk which reminds me of a game we played in college called Catch Dart, which I’ll tell you about sometime if you want.

Boundz a make her dance: Anderson Varejao had his second 20-plus rebound night of the season, grabbing 22 in the Cavaliers’ loss to the Grizzlies.

Big guys: 28 points on 10-15 shooting for Al Jefferson, who also made 8-10 free throws because he is awesome. But he is no Tyson Chandler, who also had 28 points (a career-high) but went 12-13 from the floor to one up Mr. Big Bed.

Other things: The Nets are 3-0 when Beyonce attends a game at the Barclays Center, but her husband looks very dorky dribbling a basketball … The Bucks’ bench scored their last 40 points in their stupid comeback win against the stupid Bulls … Sup, Knicks bros … Here’s Kyle Singler throwing the kind of pass you’d expect from a guy with a side part … Jerry Stackhouse made four threes last night, the first time he has done that in a game since 1971 … Cool “eyebrows,” Tim Legler … That picture up top is an animated GIF from CJ Fogler. It just looks like a still picture because Mike Woodson is great at staring