I don’t speak Russian but I am pretty sure Shaq said his name would be “Vladimir Mandingo.” And then he said it again. And then again.

Which … ummmyeah. Google at your own risk.

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  1. Shaq is so strange. Chucks reaction though… priceless.

  2. Since Shaq seems so insecure with constantly ripping on Dwight and being the most self-celebrated superstar I remember, what would be more funny than Shaq with a very tiny penis?

  3. Shaq ruined Inside the NBA…

    Shaq: “SHUT UP!”

    • The only way you would ruin the inside NBA would be to take out Chuck. If he is there, inside NBA is great!

  4. It’s not a sex joke, it’s a race joke.

    His “spasibo” (thank you) was pretty good the first time.

  5. Shaq is just the worst. Of all time. Ever.

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