Ashton: Dwight. Hey, Dwight. Dwight. It’s me, Ashton Kutcher. From “Two and a Half Men.”

Dwight: That’s still on?

Ashton: Yeah…

Dwight: Love that show but I’m not looking at you, man. You always do that punking thing. I’ve been fooled by cameras before.

Ashton: Dwight. Come on, Dwight. Look at me.

Dwight: No.

Ashton: Dwight! Dwiiiiiiiight. Dwight, look at me. Dwight.

Dwight: No.

Ashton: OK, fine. I guess you won’t get to see the robot I brought.

Dwight: …

Ashton: Yep, guess I’ll have to show this full-size human robot to somebody else. Oh well.

Dwight: (still not looking) Hold on, man. You have a robot?

Ashton: Yeah, of course. I invented “Beauty and the Geek,” what do you expect?

Dwight: Can I … can I play with it?

Ashton: Only if you look at me.

Dwight: Fiiiiiiiine. (looks at Ashton)

Ashton: Beeeeeep bloop beep buzzzz burrble beeboopbabeep.

Dwight: What are you doing?

Ashton: (in a robot voice) Commence standing procedure. Booooooop beep bleeeoop.

Dwight: …what?

Ashton: (in a robot voice) I am a robot. I am KutchBot 5000. Burned. Dude, where is my car? That butterfly is having an effect on me. Beep.

Dwight: Come on, man. Not cool. Show me the robot.

Ashton: (still in a robot voice) I am the robot. You have now officially been Punk’d by KutchBot 5000. Booooooop.

Dwight: AWWWWWW, MAN! I KNEW IT! I just totally got Punk’d. Dang it! Now I look like an idiot.

Ashton: (laughing way too hard) Still got it.