Ashton: Dwight. Hey, Dwight. Dwight. It’s me, Ashton Kutcher. From “Two and a Half Men.”

Dwight: That’s still on?

Ashton: Yeah…

Dwight: Love that show but I’m not looking at you, man. You always do that punking thing. I’ve been fooled by cameras before.

Ashton: Dwight. Come on, Dwight. Look at me.

Dwight: No.

Ashton: Dwight! Dwiiiiiiiight. Dwight, look at me. Dwight.

Dwight: No.

Ashton: OK, fine. I guess you won’t get to see the robot I brought.

Dwight: …

Ashton: Yep, guess I’ll have to show this full-size human robot to somebody else. Oh well.

Dwight: (still not looking) Hold on, man. You have a robot?

Ashton: Yeah, of course. I invented “Beauty and the Geek,” what do you expect?

Dwight: Can I … can I play with it?

Ashton: Only if you look at me.

Dwight: Fiiiiiiiine. (looks at Ashton)

Ashton: Beeeeeep bloop beep buzzzz burrble beeboopbabeep.

Dwight: What are you doing?

Ashton: (in a robot voice) Commence standing procedure. Booooooop beep bleeeoop.

Dwight: …what?

Ashton: (in a robot voice) I am a robot. I am KutchBot 5000. Burned. Dude, where is my car? That butterfly is having an effect on me. Beep.

Dwight: Come on, man. Not cool. Show me the robot.

Ashton: (still in a robot voice) I am the robot. You have now officially been Punk’d by KutchBot 5000. Booooooop.

Dwight: AWWWWWW, MAN! I KNEW IT! I just totally got Punk’d. Dang it! Now I look like an idiot.

Ashton: (laughing way too hard) Still got it.

Comments (9)

  1. It’ was rude of him to not let Kaley Cuoco get in on some Punk’d action

  2. whatevs, the free throw line punk’d Dwight first

  3. ugh, give me my 2 minutes back.

  4. not your best work.

  5. this sucks worse than aston kutcher

  6. This is why I read this blog, hard hitting analysis…

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