Ep. 880: This Hill Has Eyes

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Joey Crawford, George Hill’s game-winner, when D’Antoni’s going to be fired, Pau Gasol-for-Bargnani rumors, ol’ Vince Carter, Evan Turner, Omer Asik working over Jonas, Terrence Ross’ dunks, and the Rockets’ difficult travel schedule.

All that, plus deep rivalries, the “Zach Randolph All-Stars” featuring un-athletic ballers, and which retired player would be best in a “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” reboot.


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  1. what about couching rivalries? it would sort of be cool seeing mike brown coach again a few years down the line, facing off against “mike dan tony”. mike on mike action.

  2. i’d like to say “couching” was on purpose, so i will.

  3. Kevin Love for non athletic allstars

  4. Paul Pierce non athletic? What the fuck? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFBaMr5GTvc
    what else?

    • He barely made it to the hoop. I love Paul Pierce, but he’s getting older and has lost a lot of athleticism. He was never really an “athletic freak” anyways.

    • Terrible example, he looked like it was a struggle/took all of his energy to get up for that dunk


  6. I gotta go with Rick Fox as the new Mr. Cooper. He’s already got the awesome acting chops, ever seen him on Part Down? Great stuff.

  7. What about re-making Hang Time while we’re at it too? It can be back-to-back with Mr. Cooper. Who would taking coaching responsibilities from Reggie Theus?

  8. You guys nailed it with the rivalry – Twolves/Clips is going to be the one to watch. First of all Kevin Love is a scumbag and second of all the Wolves always play the Clippers tough. Finally the Wolves don’t play any defense so they’re the one team Blake can still put up stats against at this point #shotsfired

    • Tonight! On League Pass!

      9:30 PST

    • Clippers games are the only games I miss having Darko! on the team. I’ve never seen him more invested in playing basketball than when he defended Blake. I’m not making this up, he looked like a different player. It was amazing. Alas…

      Also, in 35 minutes against the Hornets on Monday night, Blake scored 4 points and turned the ball over 4 times before fouling out. Kevin Love has more points, rebounds, assists AND gold medals than Blake tonight. Lock it in.

  9. Just to clarify: Tas has OKC -9.5 (they have to win by 10+), and I have WAS +2.5 (which mean they either have to win or lose by no more than two.)

  10. Bargnani for Gasol lol I feel for Gasol. When you watch Bargnani play his body language looks like a guy who is just tired of playing .

  11. Isn’t Greg Oden actually a gym teacher? Looks like Mr. Cooper’s replacement is already here.

    • My thoughts excacty! Plus, he’d be the perfect Coop given that the original Mr Coop was still pretty much in his prime and was (if I remember correctly) still trying to get back on a team. Lock it in Matt and JD!

  12. Hangin’ with Reggie Miller – Already has family sitcom experience with “Hang Time”.

    Hangin’ with Sheed – Might have to be on FX or something, not sure how Sheed would handle network TV.

  13. My favorite basketball rivalry is the one between Skeets and Tas … for my heart.

  14. My dad met Michael Jordan and actually made small talk with him, BUT have his Twitter questions been asked on THE FIX numerous times already, NOPE. I win pops.

  15. Nice title reference to a great horror flick.

    I assume that was because it was a horrific night in the Association last night.

  16. Where’s the videooooooo
    I slept it hoping I would be awoken to the a beautiful hi-def capture of the video and alas, here I am wallowing in my underwear wondering if things will ever look up

  17. I like Clyde for the show, with the added bonus we wouldn’t have his color during Rockets games. I see Trey didn’t go with the bold v-neck like Skeets today. Show em if you got em big boy. Also, why is Utah bad on the road? I took them tonight -3 @NO. I do like the Wiz pick though it’s probably still ephemeral.

  18. Klay Thompson could play Corey Matthews in the new BMW. I know that wasn’t the question, but it doesn’t change how much they look alike.

  19. Sorry Tas, Anthony Mason should never be placed in a situation, even a fictional one, where he is surrounded by high school girls.

  20. trading pau for bargniani is like trading dwight and his back problems for greg oden

    also, ian mahimi is saving his jump shots for the nba finals

  21. Mase as Mr. Cooper would be gold if only to see him teach the kids free throws. That thought just made my day!

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