Ballin: 23 points and 24 boards for Kevin Love, who is just a consistent 3-point shot away from being last year’s Kevin Love. He went 2-8 from downtown last night (6-9 from everywhere else) but led the Timberwolves to a win, so it’s all good baby bay-bay.

Not so much: The Lakers scored 77 points last night (ninth-worst for a single game this season) and shot .316 from the field in a loss to the Pacers at home. Even worse, non-Kobe Bryant players scored 37 points on 48 shots and made one of 17 threes. And they only lost by two. Hard game to watch.

Buckets: George Hill is leading the NBA in game-winning shots this season (I think).

Awesome, awesome shot — I particularly like the Steve Nashish one-handed finish that makes it harder for a shotblocker to time his jump — but that is some atrocious defense from the Lakers. Metta World Peace messed up the on-ball part big-time, Pau Gasol didn’t stand a chance once Hill started running, and Dwight Howard was a step late helping because he didn’t want to leave Roy Hibbert even though that would have been an almost impossible pass for Hill to complete if Dwight was on time. Not good.

Bricktown: When I was in high school, there was this lady that went to a lot of local basketball games and would constantly repeat to herself, “What do free throws do? Win games” while sitting behind her team’s bench. Someone should tell O.J. Mayo about that, as he missed the front end of two freebies with the Mavericks down two and 2.7 seconds on the clock. Also not good.

Take that, rewind it back: Here is Terrence Ross doing the exact same dunk three different times.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a really great dunk. But maybe someone could teach him a two-hander? I just don’t want him to get accused of imitating Russell Westbrook.

Glassers: Anderson Varejao grabbed 18 rebounds last night, the 10th time already this season that he has grabbed 15 or more. That’s been done just 55 times this season and the next closest player with multiple 15-plus rebound games is Omer Asik, who has done it four times.

Huh?: Here is maybe the dumbest NBA call you’ve ever seen.

According to play-by-play data, Kevin Love and DeMarcus Cousins really did both get called for fouls on the same one play. This is literally impossible, but I guess the only way to get a jump ball out of a situation when nobody really knows the call is to call fouls on both guys. Very stupid.

Addendum: Forgot to mention something up there when we were talking about O.J. Mayo’s missed free throw — someone should also tell the entire Dallas Mavericks team that six straight turnovers in the fourth quarter is not a good idea. Even when it’s the 76ers doing the stealing, it still leads to 10 unanswered points.

Shocker: You are not going to believe this, but Nick Young had a highlight PASS last night and actually had more assists than field goals. He’s done that 15 times in 372 career games.

Other things: Kobe Bryant had a triple-double last night — 40 points, 10 rebounds, 10 turnovers — and was just loungin’ on the ground when he wasn’t playing … Pretty great game-icer from Kevin Love last night … Hey Brad … Did a shot clock malfunction cost the Mavericks three points last night? … Just some more Robert Sacre dancing GIFs for your perusal … Instant classic television programming … This Darren Collison crossover is great but the kid commentating on it is even better … There were significant stretches of last night’s Cavaliers-Suns game where the Cavs were playing two big guys, Tyler Zeller and Tristan Thompson, who were wearing face masks