The only thing that could make this better is if Joey Crawford — who pulled off his hilarious air thrusts during last night’s Lakers loss — had called traveling on the Pacers, thereby allowing Chris Duhon yet another chance to bust out his signature dance and settling this once and for all. Until then, we’ll just have to speculate.

Personally, I’m sticking with Duhon. That travel dance is just perfect. But I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.

(via Zach Harper)

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  1. When Crawford did that yesterday I burst out laughing. NBA refs really do think fans pay to see them.
    Duhon-Once the champ, always the champ.

  2. Duhon, but Kobes slow-mo reaction to Crawford makes it pretty close.

  3. Joey Crawford ain’t got nothin on this guy:

  4. am I the only one thinking Leslie Neilsen in the Naken Gun?

  5. Next dance challenger for Chris Duhon? Trey Kirby’s bustline.

    Someone break out the lady lumps re-mix.

  6. Joey Crawford, and any NBA, college or high school ref who is theatrical or overly-demonstrative when making a call, is a complete joke and a disgrace to the game. Refs are only supposed to officiate the game – not instigate participants with ridiculous stunts like that. I haven’t done a study, nor read one, but I assume 99.9% of spectators at any basketball game at any level are in attendance to watch the players play the game.

    Anyone who has played the game, understands the emotions that runs through one during heated competition. So when a referee makes a call in the fashion Crawford did, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a player to lose their cool. Had it been me and not Duhon, I would’ve had to seriously restrain myself from taking a swing at Joey Crawford’s sweaty, punchable face.

    It’s amazing to me how concerned Stern is with the NBA’s image and the behavior of the players who make the league an exorbitant amount of money. He’s even seen to rules being put in place to bar demonstrative reactions to plays or calls – and most recently legislated how long players can participate in a pregame routine with their fellow teammates.

    Yet he allows these old, decrepit low-life officials act like clowns without penalty. The only time he’s reprimanded officials in my memory is when Joey Crawford challenged Tim Duncan to a fight during or following a game (can’t remember) and when Tim Donaghy got caught betting on it.

    I still haven’t heard a good explanation why these refs who are 50 years or older are employed to officiate a game with world class athletes. I suppose it’s a union thing, but you can’t tell me the NBA can’t find 25-40 year olds who are in shape, know the rules of the game and will officiate it without drawing attention to themselves for the same amount of money the current officials get?

    I understand I’ve taken this issue way too seriously, but things as illogical as having Joey Crawford, Dick Bavetta, Jim Burr (college, and easily the worst official of all time. see: ending of St. John’s game in Big East tourney a couple years ago), and people of that ilk officiating high level college and professional basketball boils my blood.

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