Ep. 881: Freakin’ Fracas

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss the Nets/Celtics brawl/fracas/slap fight, impending suspensions, Jerry Stackhouse’s corner threes, the Wizards’ first win, Harden’s return to OKC, Hasheem Thabeet’s ejection/non-ejection, Westbrook’s athleticism, Chauncey Billups’ return, NBA.com/wedgies, and DeAndre Jordan for Most Improved Player.

All that, plus Leigh Ellis opens a pack of ’91-92 Skybox basketball cards.


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  1. that shirt has your arms looking swoll tas. you getting big?

  2. The brawl was nothing. If Rondo wasn’t a repeat offender I wouldn’t suspend him. Max 2 games.

  3. Leigh Ellis opening cards need to be a recurring segment. Leigh Ellis needs his own podcast.

  4. If Trey had been in Hump’s place for the fracas, Rondo would have hit him in his Trey-dy lumps (which probably would have absorbed the impact much better and be a cool gif you could have posted to the blog).

  5. Great show :p
    Leigh opening cards was awesome!

  6. I could listen to Leigh Ellis open cards all day long. Completely agree with this being the first Beckinsale.

  7. Just posted the photos of Leigh’s cards to Facebook. Enjoy.

    Leigh’s Basketball Cards (Vol. 1)

  8. Leigh’s segment is definitely a keeper
    Well deserved Beckinsale boys.

    By the way, I only know who Kate Beckinsale is because of TBJ, you should get royalties.

    • You were deprived of Kate Beckinsale until you listened to TBJ??? You must live a sad, sad life.

      • I’m female, maybe that can shed some light on the situation. Still live a sad, sad life though.

        • I for one enjoy your being female! this show needs more estrogen (it doesn’t, really, but sausage fests are always less fun, so yay to you listening)

  9. great show guys! I have an idea for the food eating bookoff payoff…how about a good oldfashioned dumpster dive…find some Toronto restaurant and dig up some food?

  10. Haha I was at that Wizards game and we were all confused by the end of that game. First everyone was convinced that the wiz might still give it away even after we had the ball on the side at the end. Then we did give it away. Then Nene celebrated like the game was over, but it wasn’t. Then everyone was still convinced the wiz might somehow give it away even with .2 left. So when the buzzer actually sounded, we were all too emotionally exhausted to celebrate properly.

    I sort of wish they had kept losing, though because now I’m afraid, as your only listening Wizards fan, that they won’t get mentioned anymore on the show. :(


  12. Thanks for the show, I never write comments but had to let you guys know how great it is that you do this every day for us. Beckinsale!

  13. Well-deserved Beckinsale!!!

  14. YAAAAAAAAY BECKINSALE!!!!! I am SO pumped! NICE!

  15. Congrats on the Beckinsale… (who is she? i hear her name a lot)

  16. Knew it had to be a Beckinsale right from the start. Great show guys.

  17. I pale in comparison to the sheer awesomeness of Trey’s Tits

  18. Beckinsale! All the way. Best show of the year so far. Lack a little basketball, but was hilarious, the brawl, the Washinton izards, the Cards! Good show!

  19. This is my first ever comment on the blog and all i want to say is, MOAR LEIGH ELLIS!

  20. How about Jeremy Lamb though? Up-cooking Daequan Cook with 6 points in 2 and a half minutes…

  21. Keep the Leigh Opens cards section basically because of the “I like the Johnson’s” line

  22. Tas uses the word ‘freakin’ almost as much as Snooki.

  23. this was srsly the first live feed ive missed this year.. and now this

  24. keep the card segment going. i love it, especially lee’s reaction. that is gold!

  25. Joe Wolf is an assistant for the Bucks. He’s a tall-ie.

  26. Those skybox cards were definitely my favorite when I was a kid. I’ve still got almost the whole set:


  27. Tas screwed himself in the bookoff. Reports indicate that manu, tp, danny green and td are all out tongiht (didnt even travel with the team)
    plus kawai and jackson are out as well.

  28. Snakes are a part of everyday life!!! Definitely a well deserved Beckinsale all the way.

  29. Great show guys! Skeets was money on Leigh’s card-opening bit! It’s even better than Leigh’s weekly shout-out segment.

  30. You gotta keep the Leigh opening cards in. Awesome stuff.

  31. Is video gonna be posted?

  32. Nice Beckinsale, cocksackahs.

  33. id be down for another show with Leigh opening cards. Solid segment
    Lets have some more Chuck D League

  34. nice Skeetcism, ‘victoryship’… good show fellas

  35. rondo is the personification of a dickjerk

  36. Opening cards gives you Beckinsales.
    Don’t wonder if you should do it again, do it! You won’t always have the legendary Greg Dreiling though. One of the leaders of the GregKiteLike gang. Which had Joe Wolf among them, by the way. And Dwayne Schintzius was their master and king.

  37. great segment Leigh!
    you can get a whole box of those packs on amazon for like $18.99……

  38. I dont think I’ve ever seen anyone enjoy anything more than Skeets enjoyed Leigh opening the cards.


    Card segment totally worked, LOL’d the entire way to work.

  40. just wiki’ed Greg Dreiling. My life has ended but it was a great segment to go out on…

  41. we need more cards

  42. also Leigh loses a point for saying “Hershey Hawkins”… that coulda made it an Upton

  43. I agree with everyone here, Leigh opening cards needs to be a recurring bit on the show.

  44. Eddie Johnson was a boss in Tecmo NBA

  45. Must continue Leigh’s segment!

  46. Leigh’s skybox segment was awesome, more please!

    I like TBJ ‘cus you guys are relate-able, and opening a pack of nba cards & talking about them with each other is exactly the kind of thing I remember doing as a kid.

  47. If one were to have unopened packs of basketball cards, where would one need to send them in order for Leigh to open them during broadcast???

  48. Is Dickie ever gonna come visit toronto? Because he needs to come onto a show with leigh

  49. Definitly a Beckinsale. And keep opening cards Leigh !

  50. I went back and rewatched Leigh opening the cards… this may be a daily thing for me

  51. Hey Leigh your a bloody champion I absolutely loved you opening basketball cards. Brought back memories of me looking thru my cards after watching NBA game of the week Sat morning on Channel 10 with Steve Carfino & then reading the latest copy of One on One magazine. Thems were the days.

    • Then I’d go outside & work on my post moves as Mr Hills hoist tried to D me up. He had no chance poor fella.

    • how about the Pro Basketball Today newspaper. how awesome was that in the pre-internet days!? Still got all my copies…….

  52. Oh yeah dude. I totally forgot bout PBT. I used to study those box scores like I was a pro scout for the Knicks or something. And there was nothing better than checking divisional standings that were 2 weeks old. Good times.

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