OK, so that sounds bad. But look how swaggy this lion is.

That’s basically the J.R. Smith of lions, so of course Dwight Howard lost. Not to mention, disrespecting the king of the jungle is pretty much a death wish. Smart move by Dwiggy Dwight to throw these things.

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  1. lol dwight trying to hide hes hurt

  2. “Beaten by mascot” could be taken very differently out of context

  3. That news presenter is really putting the boots into Dwight… lose some money on the game, bro?

    • Naw, he’s just editorializing in a bid to make the voice of the people heard. Like Cronkite on Vietnam.

      • That what I was thinking while I listened to it “This is EXACTLY like when Cronkite spoke about Vietnam”

  4. “Look how swaggy this lion is”
    - Trey Kerby, Scholar

  5. The most embarrassing thing about this is not that he lost to some random dude, but that he lost to some random dude wearing a massive, cumbersome, vision impairing mask.

  6. “Get me that lion!” — Mitch Kupchek

    Oh ya’ll didn’t know about Lion Anderson?

  7. The real question is, why does he even put himself in these stupid situations?

  8. I wonder if the Lakers’ brass knew they were swapping Bynum for this 6’9″ center

    • Ya, it could be the Lakers bench that Bynum could be sitting on for 2/3′s of the season… What were they thinking getting the best defensive player of the year instead.

  9. Lion has a nice stroke

  10. I wonder where Trey Kerby found this? Hmmmm

  11. so now he has LOYALTY to the Kings……

  12. This mascot should reach kobe to. Shoot Theresa…..I’d kobe hit that therew maybe the lakers could have won last night

  13. Lols! That was funny and odd at the same time!

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