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  1. My friend asked me yesterday what I thought of the Spurs fiasco, and this was my reply -

    I think Stern is a fucking hypocrite. He lets teams sit their dudes and tank and embarrass the game of basketball but one of the greatest franchises in the past decade who have done everything right with one of the greatest coaches and players of all time decide that it is best for their long term interests in winning a championship to rest their dudes, then so be it. If this wasn’t a nationally televised game on a day when there were only two nba games on, then Stern wouldn’t give a shit. The Heat did it last year towards the end of the season and Adam Silver, the deputy commissioner, said he had no problem with teams sitting guys and that it is up to them. His exact quote was, “Strategic resting of particular players on particular nights is within the discretion of the teams.” And two years ago when the spurs lost to the grizzlies in the first round, Ginobli got hurt in the last game of the season, and wasn’t the same in that series, which they lost. It’s November, they were playing four games in five nights, and those dudes are old, they wanted to rest and go home and sleep in their own beds and be with their family. So fucking let them. And to fine them a quarter of a mill is ridiculous. There is no rule that they broke, so what r they being fined for? It’s a slippery slope now. Popp is gonna sit dudes and make up an injury. At least he was being honest, which is refreshing. Sure the fans lose out for one night, but it’s better than Duncan or Parker or ginobli getting hurt and everyone losing out for the season. He is doing what is best for his team. So what now Stern wants to dictate how every team should be coached? He should be fined for fucking up the Paul trade last year. I hate all these commissioners in all the sports. They r ruining it for me. I am mad bro and I wish these dudes were held accountable, but they have no one who can fine them for their idiot acts. If the Spurs organization is not mad, then why the hell is Stern upset. Fuck, as fans we should be upset for the embarrassment that is the Hornets. And where the hell is Eric Gordon? I know for a fact that dude could have come back last year, but they didn’t want to push him or risk re-injury so they sat him even though he could have played. How is that different from what the Spurs did? Hypocrisy.

    Just my rant, let me know what you guys think if you get some time. Love your show and keep up the great work. Thanks.


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