Ep. 883: BALL DON’T LIE!

On Monday’s live, and cozy, episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss NBA Commissioner David Stern fining the Spurs $250,000, before listing some other weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for Popovich’s “rest play” working vs. the Grizzlies, Nicolas Batum’s game-winner, a fresh D-Wade, SI’s 2012 Sportsmen of the Year, Sideshow Andy, and the undefeated Ryerson Rams. Thumbs down for Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and the Lakers’ defense, as well as the officials for ejecting Rasheed Wallace. “BALL DON’T LIE!”

All that, plus we announce what Tuesday’s live Book-Off Pay-Off will consist of. Moo.


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  1. Where is the link to the youtube video?

  2. I think Rasheed injects the basketball with truth serum, just so he can be sure that it “don’t lie”.

  3. He’s the BA Baracus of B-Ball

  4. Loser of the week: Mike’s cargo pants.

  5. ejection for ball don’t lie, no.
    ejection for ball don’t lie @&$^$(&@(, yes.

  6. That Dwight quote was not about his free agency situation next off season, but something he said about leaving Orlando for LA.


  7. David Stern, when fining the Spurs, should’ve simply cited “basketball reasons”.

  8. Medical explanation for Milk Challenge

    “Sarah Ash, an associate professor of nutrition at North Carolina State University, comments that the primary difficulty in completing the challenge lies in the limited capacity of the stomach. Generally, the stomach can hold only half a gallon. Stretch receptors in the organ sense when its limit is reached, triggering a vomit reflex” from wikipedia. 2L of milk won’t do anything.

    • Pretty sure Skeets doesn’t have a normal-sized human stomach by looking at him.

      • Yeah, Duncan is right – this is going to be really easy. I did it in high school, and it was smooth sailing up until the last half-inch or so of milk. That last bit became impossible. Then other people started throwing up, so then I did too.

        JE better not sound proud of himself tomorrow; he won’t deserve it.

  9. German Aramir tweets: “November TBJ Bookoff : Losing by one-point: Skeets 2 times, Tas Melas 1 time. Won by one-point: Skeets 1 time, Tas 3 times.”

  10. That ref is channeling his inner Mckayla Maroney

  11. No mention of Milwaukee coming back from 17-0 to win the game? I guess it wasn’t as impressive as I thought it was.
    And for Skeets shout out to Larry Sanders most improved player in my book so far.

  12. You guys ignored the unspoken Gambling angle. The starters were sent home via commercial flights, allowing gamblers inside information on a game.

    -Who is saying Popovich wasn’t trying to win?

  13. Tax, you said that Pop rested his starters against the Jazz last year but I thought it was the Blazers? Would the Lakers benefit from trading Pau straight across the board with the Knicks for Amare Stoudamire pairing Amare with D’Antoni and Steve Nash and solving the Knicks problems with where to fit Amare into the rotation?

  14. Soccer:

    3 points for a win
    1 point for a draw
    0 points for a loss

    Two 0 – 0 draws: 2 points
    A win and a loss: 3 points

    Better to score goals and give up goals than have the no score draw all the time lads. Need a new manager? Give me a buzz

  15. what? 2l of milk? thats a joke. decent hangover and its a recommended dose

  16. i can’t wait for Rasheed to miss his next free throw, and someone on the oppostion to yell out “Ball Don’t Lie”

  17. Did you notice that Serge didn’t comment today? Is it a coincidence that Trey wasn’t there? I’m starting to think that Trey is actually Serge and he’s trying to bring more attention to himself by making man-boob jokes.

  18. In the picture posted for this podcast, the ref is giving the McKayla Maroney face (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8fftpgFXx1qzucdqo3_500.jpg) to Sheed.

  19. Referees need thicker skins. They overreacted initially with the first technical, then proceeded to compound the mistake with the ejection. This unfortunately is the new heavy handed NBA. It all stems from David Stern. l’ll be glad when Adam Silver takes over.

    PS. Laura Diakun needs more airtime. She’s awesome!

  20. I love that the wikipedia sentence regarding milk chugging being fun is sourced, and speaking of hazy wiki claims is Matt doing the Iditarod again this year?

    Are you effin kidding me?!?!
    Feverish and greasly sweating jd skeets beside an ingle fire???

  22. I cannot get enough of the cow drop. I freakin’ love it. Good show today guys

  23. Winners of the week: the TBJ audience. I don’t want to sound too hard on Trey, but it is nice to have a greater contribution from Leigh Ellis during the Fix.

  24. Tas. Silver and Gold by Sufjan Stevens. Throw that on the MMB Christmas playlist

  25. Dear TBJ,

    John Hollinger just called Ersan Illyasova “Ilya-coma”, after his non-production. Pun gun!

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