Programming note: Blog business

Friends, things will be slow here for the next two days. You’ll still get your live episodes of The Fix at 11am ET with archived versions of the show posted soon after. Other than that, no promises.

Everything is back to normal on Wednesday. Thank you for your kind understanding during this travel time.

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  1. But what will distract me from studying and work???

  2. I guess MJ’s terrible taste in clothing extends to suits as well. Downward-facing lapels. Gross.

    • I didn’t even notice those until you pointed them out. Now I can’t un-notice them. I am forever cursed to stare at Michael Jordan’s lapels. Hey…at least he doesn’t have bacon neck.

  3. You decided to rest your best guys? How dare you?!?! Stern should fine you!!!

  4. Off to NYC for elective surgery to get them drained, Trey? It’s no big deal, guys in my high school did it all the time.

    For a quick, good meal nearby try Pepe Rosso in the South Village/LES. The Q out to Coney Island is kind of cool, but only if you like bleak train vistas and visions of carnival america in the 1920s mixed with russian immigrant oldness of the 1980s (I do).

  5. Didn’t we JUST get a [Blank] Jones about how important it is to always be present for your audience so that you develop a relationship with them? What if, in this brief absence, I discover that Skip Bayless has something interesting to say? How will you bastards feel then?

  6. Ironic that MJ’s fashion sense is becoming notorious, yet his sneakers are some of the most sought after by sneakerheads.

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