Ep. 884: Milk Was A Bad Choice

Will Skeets puke? That’s the only question people want answered on this season’s first Book-Off/Payoff show. While you wait, the guys break down Blake Griffin’s best offensive performance of the season, Byron Mullens’ entry into the “Dunk of the Year” conversation, and the futility of being a mid-performing team like the Milwaukee Bucks. All that, plus manly nut snacks, Chris Kaman’s Duck Hunt, and the Raptors find a new way to lose!



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  1. Video to come at about 3:30 ET (as usual).

  2. skeets with the honorary whoa boy (i’m gonna blow chunks, hear me moove things outta my stomach).

  3. What’s the deal with the corn nuts?

  4. Just wanna say that I don’t think CP3 if hits those layups in the last few minutes if Favors is playing in that game. Tremendous help defender.

  5. Before I retire to the nerdery, let me just interject to say Byron “Mullins” is actually spelled “Mullens”. Please don’t break my glasses.

  6. Bottled milk, another reason to regret Trey’s absence, though that might have been too next level for the Jones.

  7. Should’ve been drinking milk out of a bag like a true Canadian.

    Amazing work as always.

  8. When did you guys stoop to Fear Factor-level antics?

  9. Re: Faried:
    I agree wholeheartedly with everything said. I’d also like to add that the guy gets back up in the air faster than anyone in the league. Little known fact: he’s half pogo stick on his dad’s side.

  10. Sweet fireplace, guys.

  11. since when is the post not griffin’s game? what are you talking about tas? what is his game pick n roll? he barely even knows how to set a pick.

  12. Just watched anchorman over the weekend again, one of my favorite quotes- Hi-liarious

  13. Not that he was better than Aldridge, but Andy can’t even buy an honorable mention for his performance last night? He looked exhausted after 8 games in 13 nights, but without Kyrie and Waiters he still put up 17 points, 18 rebs (9 offensive), along with 2 assists, 3 steals and a block.

    The Cavs got beat pretty bad last night, but the game would’ve been a laugher if not for Andy.

  14. Is Brad Miller a hidden character you can unlock in “Chris Kaman’s Duck Hunt”?

  15. FYI Soccer is Actual Football.
    North American Football is North American Football.

  16. if skeets pukes on air this is a beckinsale. btw I think leigh is too easy on the kate uptons (even though using “easy” in the same sentence as “kate upton” feels pretty natural) – this was a really great show but not quite a beckinsale. and since so many other shows also got an upton, scoring The Sexiest Kate now almost feels a bit disappointing (contrary to the sentence before, the last part of this sentence feels extremely wrong)

  17. The raptors game annoyed me so much. They bricked everything in the last two minutes when it could have been conceivably winnable and then made those circus shots with under like 30 seconds and had no chance of winning, like Amirs what ?

    The raptors are probably the most annoying team to watch this year, not that they’re bad, but they’re ability to lose by such a small margin every game is frustrating. They are like 5 points in crunch time away from being 12 and 6.

    Why raptors, why

  18. I honestly thought Tas said he needed his manly nut sacks

  19. Two days in a row the overpaid fact checker has failed to perform hence I must leap into the imperial/metric/US measure conversion void to point out that 1.0 gal(I) = 4.54 l, not 3.8 l
    Gees Tas you may have been buying and paying for gallons of milk only to get delivery in litres. 3.8 l is equivalent to 1.0 US gal. Hmmm Skeets you may in fact have been drinking Yankee moo juice.
    Enjoy your shows, carry on.

  20. Geez I almost yacked when that vomit drop played. nice work holding it together Skeets. I hope Tas offered you some salty manly nuts to go with that all the milk.

    I hope you guys are working on some Pelican drops for the future. Can wait to hear “Gimme some Pelican news”. Can’t believe NO is going to willingly change their name to that.

  21. 2 jugs of milk. Obviously a Middleton in lew of recent news ;)

    Also “Manly nut snacks should be a drop….. way to funny

  22. 2% milk wasn’t payoff worthy..it should have been buttermilk or at least eggnog

  23. So we just add a litre every month until somebody pukes right?

  24. So did you yuke, or what Skeets?

  25. I cannot believe the Billups flopping talk from the Jones today, you have bagged Evans and praised the new post game reviews and then you say Billups is smart and showing good gamesmanship, and never flopped before, he has always done this on his 3s, he barely gets off the ground on his 3 and starts his shooting motion, swinging up to his shot pocket from a relatively low position and always been susceptible to defender getting a hand on his shot, clean on the ball and completely destroying his ability to shoot, he then of course showing what u call gamesmanship throws both hands up and kicks out his legs. This just as much flopping as Evans, more clever and not obvious although obvious to ball heads like the Jones, he is a flopper a smart flopper but should be warned.

  26. Jazz did okay esp w/o two of their best defenders: Marvin Williams (starter), and Derrick Favors (shot blocking 6th man).

  27. Does anybody have a video clip of the Clippers walking over into the Jazz “huddle” during the blood stoppage?

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