Nicknames can come from the strangest places sometimes. We all know that Brian Cardinal’s “The Janitor” has a few different origin stories, Kobe Bryant came up with his own (which is bad for so many reasons) and Derrick Rose is called “Pooh” because he eats a bunch of sweets, just like Winnie the Pooh — these things literally come from anywhere.

Like, for instance, a malfunctioning scoreboard that just keeps making up names during a random Tuesday night Thunder-Nets game in Brooklyn. From

Due to a scoreboard malfunction, Thabo Sefolosha’s surname was written as “Sedohosha” during the first quarter. Other surname malfunctions continued throughout the game. At one point, the Nets purportedly had a player whose last name was Pooks.

From now on, it’s practically mandated that we all call MarShon Brooks “Pooks,” since he’s the one with the misspelled name that makes for a perfect nickname. It’s destiny, especially since “Small Face Killah” hasn’t really caught on for some reason.

But it’s not just “Pooks” and “Sedohosha” that can come from a messed up scoreboard. There are loads of other barely changed names that could make for great sobriquets. Like these:

  • JoeJohn Son
  • Darwin Skillems
  • Krisp Homefries
  • Russell Bestbook
  • Mirza Televisions
  • C.J. Whatson
  • Terry Bones
  • Shmendrick Nerpins
  • DeAndre Gigglins

You get the idea — sometimes little changes lead to great nicknames. Give it a shot in the comments if you want. If not, just keep living your life without fun.

Comments (19)

  1. Kevindu Rant would be an another awesome made up athletes name.

  2. DeAndre Gigglins has me gigglin’. Too good.

  3. How about, Pau Gasoline?

  4. Jose Cauldron. Laundry Fields. Jonas Valenchewiness.

  5. Krisp Homefries. Kri-isp Home-fries. Almost runforthecube-ish.

  6. Reggae Ovens,
    Look Bropez

  7. Demar DeRisin’
    Blake Griffyndor
    Terrence Boss
    Mickael Pie-trust
    Cajun Rondo
    Tim Dunking
    Tiago Splithair

  8. Laundry Batche
    Brussels Wetbrooks

  9. Monta Illest.

    Jorge Gabageosa (ready to dodge tomatoes from unnamed TBJ host)

  10. Atlanta Hawaks starting 5:

    Poo Smellson
    Haha Patchoulia
    la’hiyum Johnson
    Heaven Paris
    Posh Splif

  11. Andray Blatche…oh wait…

  12. Kobean Not Shyant To Shot

  13. Lawrence Vagina

  14. I feel like the Lopez Brothers should be referred to as Ropez and Bropez from now on.

  15. Nicholas Parkervich
    Andrew Senvarejao
    Joe Akimnooa

  16. Jamal Crawford (when hot)….pajamals
    Andre Miller….Hortence Mueller
    Luke Babbit….like baby
    Caron Butler….Karen
    Carlos Boozer….hairloss loser
    Kendrick Perkins…prendrick prunchkins
    Raymond Felton….meltdown, lil barron (Davis), le barron, bear cub, chilli doughnuts,
    Luke Ridnour….twink
    Nikola Pekovic….wreckabitch
    James Harden….late whistle
    Corey Maggette…betty spaghetti
    Vince Cater…blintz sharter


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