Nicknames can come from the strangest places sometimes. We all know that Brian Cardinal’s “The Janitor” has a few different origin stories, Kobe Bryant came up with his own (which is bad for so many reasons) and Derrick Rose is called “Pooh” because he eats a bunch of sweets, just like Winnie the Pooh — these things literally come from anywhere.

Like, for instance, a malfunctioning scoreboard that just keeps making up names during a random Tuesday night Thunder-Nets game in Brooklyn. From

Due to a scoreboard malfunction, Thabo Sefolosha’s surname was written as “Sedohosha” during the first quarter. Other surname malfunctions continued throughout the game. At one point, the Nets purportedly had a player whose last name was Pooks.

From now on, it’s practically mandated that we all call MarShon Brooks “Pooks,” since he’s the one with the misspelled name that makes for a perfect nickname. It’s destiny, especially since “Small Face Killah” hasn’t really caught on for some reason.

But it’s not just “Pooks” and “Sedohosha” that can come from a messed up scoreboard. There are loads of other barely changed names that could make for great sobriquets. Like these:

  • JoeJohn Son
  • Darwin Skillems
  • Krisp Homefries
  • Russell Bestbook
  • Mirza Televisions
  • C.J. Whatson
  • Terry Bones
  • Shmendrick Nerpins
  • DeAndre Gigglins

You get the idea — sometimes little changes lead to great nicknames. Give it a shot in the comments if you want. If not, just keep living your life without fun.