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  1. I love Andrei’s “Join in any reindeer games” … I would be really afraid not to join.. he sounds scary..

  2. MEAT……………..

  3. He really sold the “glee”.

  4. I wish this was longer….. so good

  5. “Meat.”

    Everything Pekovic says is unintentional comedy.

  6. Rubio with the red nose :)

  7. Peck is amazing

  8. Pekovic: “Meat.” > DJ Mbenga: “Tacos.”

  9. Am I alone, or was Pek the best singer too?

  10. And they shot it up with leaf?

  11. The Wolves keep making me laugh!

  12. Fun Fact: most people think the 7th reindeer is named Donner (Kevin Love is apparently one of them) When it is actually Dunder, the Dutch word for thunder. You’re welcome.

  13. Best one word blog post of all time, no?

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