There are important questions we all must answer in our day-to-day lives — What should I eat for dinner? What color pants should I wear? Is today the day I finally learn how to skateboard? — and today is no different. Today, I pose to you a question formed in the depths of hell while I was perusing the Getty Images database: Which Pacers big man had the best crazy face last night?

Your competitors:

Tyler Hansbrough is one of the NBA’s best at having a crazy face. It’s the kind of face opposing coaches gameplan for. So it’s no surprise that he would turn in such a strong performance against a divisional opponent. Glad to see him show up when it matters.

After getting that giant contract, it’s good to see Roy Hibbert contributing a solid crazy face to this Pacers team. Roy wants to be an actor, so it makes sense that he’d be able to contort his face in to whatever is going on here. It’s such a powerful face that it even forced Joakim Noah to go bonky.

If we’re going straight face-to-face here, I think Tyler Hansbrough keeps his crown. For the whole picture, Roy and Joakim is an unbeatable duo, but that’s not the contest. So I’m ruling in honor of Tyler Hansbrough, though I will permit arguments to the contrary in the comments.

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  1. Hansbrough, no doubt. They didn’t call him Psycho T at Carolina for nothing.

    Hansbrough is the runner up, however, in “faces that look mentally challenged” to Sheldon Williams.

  2. Fact-checked myself. Sheldon plays in France now?

    Hansbrough wins.

  3. is tyler hansborough screaming “WOW” in any of those pictures?

  4. It looks like Hibbert is trying to make the Forest Whitaker face from the Season 1 Christmas episode of Community – but doesn’t quite commit to it.

    As for crazy faces in each picture – the average craziness of faces in Hansbrough’s shot is far higher, because there is only Pyscho T and one other face visible in the pic. In Big Roy’s pic, Hibbert’s and Noah’s crazy face quotient is reduced by the sane faces of the 5 players on the perimeter.

    The Winner: Pyscho T

  5. Joakim Noah is a ninny.

  6. Noah deserves an honorable mention. He looks like a girl who just lost a candy to a bully.

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