Ep. 886: In Da Club

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Kobe’s 30,000-point milestone, Dwight Howard finally setting the tone on defense, J.R. Smith’s incredible step-back game-winner, the Clippers’ dunks, what’s wrong with Iggy, and quick notes on the other seven games from last night’s loaded NBA schedule.

All that, plus Steven Tyler, Michael Buffer, and “TBJ fashion expert” Leigh Ellis critiques five pairs of Trey Kerby’s shoes. Yes, it’s amazing as it sounds.


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  1. Agree with Tas but the Lakers haven’t beaten anyone except Brooklyn (got so many calls too). They beat Detroit, GS, Sacramento, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans and Denver. We can’t say they’re improving defensively when they just beat a Hornets team. And without Anthony Davis too.

  2. You need a drop for Golden State from the movie “the Warriors”

    “Warriors, come out and plaaayy!”

  3. Whoa nellie, some shirt selection today. I like how Trey was all laid back and not-emphasizing-his-upper-body. More on the rec league win. Did Skeets break any ankles, did Tas set the moving picks he’s been roiding up for, did MattyO miss a dunk off a trampoline at the half? Okc has been good ATS this year, take note.

  4. Trey has to say the name of the shoe being examined so I can look at a Google image while it is being talked about, for those who do not watch the video version of the show. It was done for the first couple of shoes.

    • Order was:
      - Silver Kobe V
      - Chitown D-Rose 2
      - Playoffs Jordan 12
      - White/blue Penny 2
      - Blake Griffin Hyperdunk 2011

      • Listening to the audio, I had the BG Hyperdunks figured out within seconds. =)

        I was never able to get a hold of those DRoses. All the ones I could find had cracks in the sprintweb. The “All Flights Cancelled” on the tongue is too sweet. I’m jealous.

  5. I have a question which I have been wondering for many years. If a team reaches the foul limit and they foul the other team, why do announcers always say “shooting one shot plus the penalty for two”? This means that when the team wasn’t in the foul limit before and they commit a non shooting foul, the other team would only shoot 1 shot, but thats not the case since the other team would just take the ball out of bounds. I dont get why they just dont say, shooting two shoots because of the penalty. Why is it one shot plus the penalty for two?

    • Either you’re listening to NCAA games or the announcers think they’re watching an NCAA game.

      • Actually, that used to be the rule in the NBA as well, and the vernacular of “one plus the penalty for two” just stuck around after the rule change.

  6. Did you guys notice how empty the Pistons arena was? I have seen more people at Warriors’ practices than were at that game last night.

  7. Did anyone else have trouble with their iTunes download of the podcast this morning? Mine clocked in at 75 minutes, and cuts out right after Tas is talking about the Raptors losing their pick to the Thunder. The episode then starts over, with the song playing. Did anyone else notice this issue or just me?

    • Never mind, I figured it out. I closed my laptop while downloading the episode, and instead of continuing the download it just restarted it and kept the previous bit already

  8. Leigh just pronounced Nike like “Mike” as opposed to like “Mikey”. Is that how they do it in Australia?

    • Given that Nike is a Greek name, I think Tas Melas needs to settle this.

      • Nike like “Mike” is the Aussie way.

        We also pronounce Adidas as “add-i-dass”, as opposed to “a-dee-dis”.

        *Cue ‘Cool story, bro’ drop*

    • yes, only knobs in Australia would pronounce it to rhyme with Mikey

      • so now i guess
        hike = hikey
        like = likey
        spike = spikey

        Plus in all those 90′s Jordan v Barkley ads i dont recall Barkley saying Nikey (=mikey) Air. It was Nike (=mike) Air.

        Or maybe we’re all wrong and it should be as the old westy guy in Back to The Future III. Pronounced Nee-kay (“what kinda skins is them”).

  9. I just really want the Raps to somehow get Wiggins in the 2014 draft. I don’t care how they do it, but it would be amazing.

  10. Trey has great shoe taste…
    I remember he tweeted about these-http://www.sneakerfiles.com/2008/10/16/puma-yo-mtv-raps-stepper-preview/
    And now I’m wearing them (for only 30$). Thanks Trey!

  11. I’m not from Toronto so I haven’t been brainwashed into hating him but Vince Carter seems like perhaps the most normal human in the NBA.

    • that’s what I also thought when listening to this^^ (although I’m pretty sure at least matt bonner is even more of a normal dude than vince). but I guess it’s just part of what disappointed so many about VC, that he was just not posessed enough to really make the most of his absurd amount of talent and become a true all time great… instead he was just chillin. which I kind of like, to be honest. but then again, see above, not from toronto. well maybe he will be remembered like some sort of less loyal ‘nique in 20 years (even though they don’t really have that much in common): great dunker and scorer who never really did much in the playoffs and under different cirumstances could have been even better than he turned out to be.

  12. …and welcome back to TLJ: The Lakers Jones.

  13. Are all the guys instagrams the same as their twitters?

  14. What is the Spurs favourite poolside game?

    Marco de-Colo

  15. I love these Leigh segments. They’re Karl Pilkington-esque. Except Leigh is a lot smarter. Also a lot more Australian.

  16. I like how I can listen to a Canadian basketball show and be assured that Leigh will find a way to drop a reference that only Victorians (not even all Australians) could possibly understand. Sunbury!

  17. Skeets, Adi, Das is actually the correct pronounciation. And i’m pretty sure it doesn’t stand for All Day i Dream About Sports but is named after Adi Dassler, the founder of the company.

    Like the guys above me, cue Cool Story Bro

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