They say laughter is the best medicine, but that’s just because we don’t have enough clinical research data regarding the healing properties of game-winning basketball shots. It’s just too early to know, unfortunately.

However, there is at least one case of a game-winner miraculously healing an injured finger. From the AP:

”I was hurt, but J.R. made it feel better,” Anthony said.

Clearly this is just a patient’s testimony and we will need to investigate whether or not this is just a case of the classic “Kiss it to make it feel better” phenomenon, but this is promising stuff. If an early December game-winner can fix a sliced up finger, imagine what a Game 7 winning jumper can do.

I know it seems impossible, but could such a thing heal Greg Oden’s knees? Kobe Bryant’s potty mouth? Chauncey Billups’ excessive head sweat? The possibilities are endless. These are exciting times.