We all know the possibly apocryphal story of Jay-Z having to convince David Stern that the Nets should be allowed to wear plain black-and-white uniforms, which seems suspect since there are several teams who wear black and the league denied those reports as fast as they could. True or not, it was the first time we heard about Jay having to push back on something he thought would look awesome, which he was half-right about. (The black jerseys are great. The white ones are Old Navy.)

But it certainly set a precedent, as Jay-Z is now saying he also had to fight for his right to party while getting no sleep till Brooklyn for the Nets’ wonderful herringbone floor. From GQ:

The court: “It’s herringbone, which is crazy. In fact, the NBA fought me on it. They said if it gets shot on TV, the lines will mess up the screen. I’m like, this ain’t 1988—we’ve got HD. We ended up taking it to the old arena in New Jersey to test it.”

Well, that explains why the Nets’ floor was chilling in the IZOD Center that one time, so I’m glad we have finally solved that mystery. I’ve spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure that out.

And I’m glad that Jay won this argument, because that floor really does look great on our 2012 HD televisions. It’s a little bit darker than most floors, and when it’s gleaming and squiggling with those dark stands and lowered crowd lights, it’s just a different look than the NBA arenas we’re used to. Quite the treat, if you ask me.

So basically, what I’m arguing for is that Jay-Z should be allowed to make every aesthetic choice for the entire NBA. Granted, that might lead to something like this, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.