Still feeling remorse about not getting your feet in to those Kobe Christmas shoes from a couple seasons back? Me too. Never sleep on neon feet, that’s what I always say. But lucky for us, we’re going to get another chance as the brand new Nike Kobe 8 should be getting the Grinch treatment for the Lakers’ Christmas Day game against the New York Knicks.

This pic comes from Sneaker Files, who are reporting that this iteration of the Kobe 8 will be released sometime in December, which just so happens to be the same month that has Christmas in it. Between that and these looking exactly like the 2010 Christmas shoes, I’d surmise that these are indeed Kobe’s Christmas shoes (shoutout to that terrible New Song song). Case closed.

Just like in 2010, these aren’t for everyone. If you’re staunchly anti-green feet, I can’t imagine you being a big fan. But having seen the Kobe 6 version on feet in person a few times, I’m very much on board and will be trying to get myself a pair. Shoes this crazy tend to look great with jeans, for whatever reason. Plus then your friends can call you Johnny Greenfeet, which is fun for all parties involved.

The standard Kobe 8, which will be available at retail December 20, goes for $140 and I’d expect a similar price for these. However, they’ll be extremely limited, so good luck getting your Grinch on. In fact, you might be better off just trying to get front row seats at the Staples Center that night, since all those people got a pair last time. The cost might be a bit more, but it still seems like a good plan.

UPDATE: There’s some concern whether or not these are the real shoes Kobe will be wearing for Christmas. I’ve reached out to a Nike rep for comment and will update when I hear back.

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  1. Trey Kerby is doing real reporting now?

    • Duh. Are you foreign to the Andrew Bynum series? Pulitzer material, bro.

    • These aren’t Kobe’s Christmas 2012 shoes. They announced over a month ago what his Christmas shoes are. The stainglass/scales with the the pink/red swoosh. Look it up lol

  2. Sour Apple!…?…..!…..?

  3. Lakers lost bad last time Kobe wore these shoes. I give them a 0 for the day.

    Laker nation, please do not let this happen again.

  4. From a fan’s perspective, who’s career has been the all time best to follow? Without a doubt, its kobe. The player’s he’s passed on all time scoring list looked so old when they scored those last points… kobe still a top 5 player with the best offensive game by a mile

  5. Those shoes are gonna look hideous with the all white jerseys on Christmas Day

  6. Kobe’s legacy/validity is always cemented by the amount of hate he receives on blogs. Love it.

    This has been a great season so far

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