Ballin: 32 points and seven assists for Ty Lawson, 31 points and nine rebounds for Ryan Anderson, 31 points and 15 rebounds for Al Jefferson, 34 points and 11 assists for Kyle Lowry — all of these guys are good basketball players. And all of these guys except for Big Al lost their games.

Not so much: The Charlotte Bobcats led 98-92 with four minutes remaining, then proceeded to go scoreless for the remainder of the game. They did turn the ball over five times and miss three shots though, so that is something cool.

Congrats: Kobe Bryant hit 30,000 career points last night, becoming only the fifth player in NBA history to do so. Here’s how.

Amazingly, Kobe is both the youngest player to reach 30,000 points and also took the most games to do so. Counting stats, all up in your face.

Streakin: Paul George went for 22 points last night, just a day after lighting the Bulls up for 34. Those back-to-back games constitute the best two-game scoring performances of his career.

Hands, mans: Tyreke Evans hit back-to-back threes with about two minutes remaining, turning a tie game with the Raptors in to a 6-point Kings lead. Then he pouted as hard as anyone can pout on the next possession, literally stomping on the ground and clapping while trying to get the ball swung to him for another three. Because you should always feed the guy who just made a quarter of his season total for threes in the past 15 seconds.

Chronic 2001: Here are the Clippers, turning back the clock and taking things back to the old school because they are old fools who are so cool.

It’s not quite Lamar Odom to Darius Miles, but still pretty chill.

Guardsers: The Warriors’ starting backcourt of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry went for 49 points on 28 shots, while the Pistons’ starting backcourt of Brandon Knight and Kyle Singler went 2-16 and scored 7 points. Guess which team won? (You should guess the Warriors.)

Super note: The San Antonio Spurs beat the Milwaukee Bucks last night. Players played and were good or bad, depending on the player. Tony Parker scored 22 points on 11 shots, while also handing out 11 assists. Other than that, you’re on your own.

Hover mode: How did Andre Iguodala dunk this?

Seemed like this was going to be a layup, for sure. But nope — it’s a dunk. Cool for him.

Streakin, part 2: After last night’s win, Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics are a perfect 10-0 against the Minnesota Timberwolves since KG was traded back in 2007.

Hurtsers: Neither Kyrie Irving nor Dion Waiters played against the Bulls last night, so the Cavs’ leading scorer was Donald Sloan, who went for a whopping 14 in the loss. Meanwhile, every Bulls starter was in double figures.

Other things: That’s a bad call, man … Carmelo Anthony sliced up his finger pretty good, diving in to the Knicks’ bench and cutting his pinky so bad it required five stitches. Jason Kidd was grossed out … Check out the 100 best Nikes of all-time … Jamal Crawford was Mr. Cool Oops last night, plus he knocked in his 34th career 4-point play … Caron Butler’s legs work again apparently