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On today’s show, The Jones discuss Kobe Bryant’s milestone and what his legacy will be, whether the three-point gunnin’ Knicks are for real, the New Orleans Pelicans, Pau Gasol trade rumors, a few under-the-radar stars, and David Stern’s comments about the “Hack-a-Dwight” strategy being “ludicrous.”

All that, plus voodoo museums, decathletes, pillows, Bynum playing Pop-a-Shot, and the Iron Sheik.


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  1. Jordan didn’t care about his body? Not to go fanboy Skeets, but MJ definitely was a pioneer in strength training in the NBA. Look at all the muscle he put between 87-92

    • Absolutely. And fair point. But I still think Kobe took it to the next level.

      • Describe the methods he used that were superior to Jordan.

        • Do things done in a Colorado hotel room count? No? Damn.

          In 2012, our knowledge of medical technique and nutrition are way ahead of where we were in 1990.

          It’s not just the knee thing. The way players rehab (except Andrew Bynum) and the way they exercise in the offseason (except Andrew Bynum) have even changed.

  2. Hey guys, with the nfl thinking of changing the kickoff rules for safety reasons, how long before the nba gets all those people out from under the baskets? I know camera men and photographers need/want the best shots, however they are constantly in the way. Will it take a major star injury before anything happens?

  3. Glad to see “the hack a…” is under fire, after suns traded for shaq (good trade btw, people forget marion’s contract ego leading up to the trade) first round series lost to the spurs off that crazy duncan 3. Pop hacked shaq for the whole series, it was the first time in a long time I couldn’t enjoy a suns game. It’s called basketball, not free throw contest.

  4. The “Magic” is my most hated team name in the NBA. It’s frilly and a singular noun—which I also dislike, Thunder, Jazz, Heat, etc. I get that Disney World is in Orlando, but still. That name needs an upgrade.

  5. Tas: “What’s their record, four and poop?”

    Probably my 2nd favorite Melas quote ever.

  6. The Bullets to the Wizards name change was the worst. Changing from arguably the coolest name in the league with some the best uniforms to inarguably the worst name in the league with that God awful original color scheme. Just terrible! At least they’ve gone back to the Bullets colors.

    • I understood fpr the Wiz that it was a PC name change because too many people at the time were dying form bullets in the DC area. Or could have been to capture a more youthful audience in line with the Magic or the soon to franchise Toronto Dinosaurs (Speaking fo the worst names: “Raptors” – what did the owners not get enough of Jurassic Park, and more importantly why has this not yet changed?).

  7. Hey Leigh’s use of fizz is correct. It’s mainly a UK/Aussie/Commonwealth term, it’s used in soccer/football all the time in relation to crosses and passes.

    Watching the Knicks I think A’mare can be great as a replacement for Melo. He could do the same job of drawing double teams and kicking it out.

    Iman might ruin the flow, but we need his defence. I guess he’ll just take over the Ronnie Brewer defensive guy role as Tas suggested.

    • I’d like to see Amare anchoring the 2nd unit. Rasheed’s defense has noticeably slipped the last few weeks so it’s not like Amare would be a defensive downgrade at this point. Plus as it stands now, JR Smith is the only guy on the 2nd unit who can consistently create his own shot. It would be nice to have Amare as a 2nd scorer for the nights when JR shoots 1-8796 (approximately). If there’s a way Amare can start the game and anchor the 2nd unit (perhaps as the first starter off in the 1st quarter)

      I agree with Iman taking Brewers spot. One place the Knicks have struggled is in guarding quick point guards (ie. Kemba Walker a few nights ago). I think it’s pretty easy to see Shumpert sliding in and taking on guys like Kemba or a Ty Lawson. And it’s not like he’s an offensive black hole.

      Really the biggest challenge *should* be Woodson working out minutes for everyone and keeping the egos in check when guys lose minutes/rotation spots.

    • use ‘fizzing’ all the time in relation to cricket. because of the sound the seam makes as it rips through the air.

  8. I was thinking “Voodoo” before I heard Skeets say it and it’s definitely not a pro team. What about “Cajuns”? Or “Crocs”? Other terrible choices?

  9. So I think on Wednesday’s ESPN nba game, they talked about Denver having too many wing player’s and talked about trading for Pau. What do you think about this? Gallinari, Chandler, Mozgov for Pau?

  10. I guess Leigh has never seen Speed 2 that ship was scary!

  11. Pistons never make sense. Ever.

  12. Oh wow. The best show in a long while. Thank you for the tears of laughter. Definitely a Kate on Kate on Kate!

  13. I think they’re going to retire both 8 and 24.
    And Kobe is the 9th greatest player ever on my list

  14. 27 minutes in and I have to stop and say that this is an amazing show so far and probably the one I would really have enjoyed / desperately wanted to be a part of the most. great topics so far. also tas is absurdly funny today. at his “do-do doo doo do-do dooo – sleep” bit I had to pause and laugh for like 20 seconds (which is a lot of net laughing). as for the team names: I kind of like pelicans too, for the same reason as skeets (it has an oldschool vibe to it that I really like – how cool are names like “trail blazers” or “knickerbockers” btw?! no way anyone would choose that kind of name today), but I dislike the idea of a name change in general. I get that the grizzlies are a terrible name for a team in memphis, but if they had changed their name and a new team in vancouver would be named grizzlies again a couple years later (hello seattle), that would mess up the logical timeline of the team history. it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, though maybe I’m too unflexible in that regard. whatever.
    worst team name by the way: thunder. still terrible. yuck. although bobcats is a very close second.

  15. Pelicans is a great name, although probably better for a baseball team since Pelicans seem kind of fat and uncoordinated. The return of Charlotte Hornets will be appreciated, given the historical significance of the name there. Miami Heat is the worst name in the league.

    I also would love to see the number of timeouts brought down, but its obvious that the reason for them isn’t for the benefit of the coaches. If the possible uniform ads would mean less breaks in play, I would grudgingly support them, but the end we’ll get uniform ads and just as many timeouts as ever.

    • Also, will we call NO the Cans or the Pelis? Or the P-Cans? P-Can Pie for the new team blog?

      • FWIW, I saw a discussion on Twitter among SB Nation (or TrueHoop? I forget) bloggers possibly renaming the SB Nation Hornet’s blog “The Pelican Brief”

  16. One last point on Raptors vs. Huskies is that a switch would unify the color scheme of all 3 major professional sports teams in TO – Blue & White. That would be awesome.

    Plus, Wiz Khalifa would have an inspiration for his next single.

    • Great call.

    • LOVE this aspect of the Huskies renaming idea. I’ve always thought the way the Pittsburgh teams are united by colour like that is very cool, and it’s obviously paid off for 2 of the teams! Huskies all the way, FTW, and whatever else.

  17. I don’t understand how the Lakers always escape the discussion of teams that shouldn’t have kept their name when they moved. Keeping their name when moving from “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” in Minnesota to LA just doesn’t make sense. I’ll admit that Los Angeles Lakers flows, but if it wasn’t for their success after moving to LA, they would be in the discussion all the time.

  18. Definitely agree with Tas, the Heat are still a better team than the Knicks. Battier out, Wade is takin a break, and the Knicks threes are just droppin. No worries for the Heat.

    • The problem that game was Wade and Bosh had awful, inefficient shooting games.
      I feel like in 2-3 months we should re-examine the team defense.
      This is the Best starting record in Heat franchise history.

  19. anyone know the song used during tweet of the week lol?

  20. They should make the court wider.

    It seems like every game a guy catches it behind the 3 point line on the side and steps
    out when he goes to drive.

  21. What does Tyler use when he’s feeling lazy? The Tyler Zellervator

  22. what do you call last place team? a zeller dweller.

  23. wooooooooooblyyyyyy O baaaaaaalllsssssss hahahahahahahah nice1

  24. Kobe reminds me of Ted Williams in several ways – fanatical in personal commitment to winning, maybe brusque with teammates and not univerally admired by the fans and as far as a place in history, one of those “definitely top ten player in history but maybe not top five” kind of players, just lacking polish or a total package vibe

  25. ok with Pelicans but Brass could work as well, although my choice would be Flood

  26. Haha, Oh my god, I could seriously listen to Leigh read shoutouts all day!

  27. what’s his favorite cocktail?
    mai tai ler zeller

    what did he want to be growing up?
    tailor zeller

    since he is a kid with good manners, what would he say you should definitely do when you have secretly taken cookies from the cookiejar and your mom asks you whether you have done as accused?
    he thinks you should tyler tell her

  28. how do you spell Whoblieoballs? i want to follow him

  29. I’m off the train of naming teams after singular nouns (e.g. Heat, Thunder) which I used to think was a really cool one. But when I think about bad basketball nicknames, my worst has to be the Knicks. While they’re never going to change it, (going along with Lee’s Clippers beef) my reaction to understanding what a Knickerbocker is was like “So they’re pants?”

    • its actually a reference to the dutch settlers of new york. It was a surname that came to mean the aristocrats of NY and, eventually, just a person from NY.

      Though I do think the San Francisco Capri’s has a nice ring to it.

    • It’s more of a historical term for the first Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam/present day Manhattan.

  30. Lee-son,
    So, a fucking seabird with a goofy giant bill is scary to you, but a bobcat (one of the most dangerous creature in the world, pound for pound and capable of killing an adult human male) is a bad one?

    Also, one city associated with pirates? New Orleans. Ever hear of the battle of New Orleans?

    A clipper was the fastest ship of its time. why wouldnt a port city like LA have an association? Meanwhile, no call out of the lakers? or the fucking celtics? Its an adjective. you named your team an adjective. it should be the Boston Celts.

  31. Absolutely loved the Cool Runnings drop!

  32. Kobe Bean Bryan is Top 5 for sure …

  33. How can kobe not be top 5? He’s never taken a year (or a game off), and he’s the only all-time great to win multiple rings with 2 different rosters.

  34. The majority of the “under the radar” players being white guys is kind of funny in some way.

    I’d also like to throw out the following players:

    Nicolas Batum
    Al-Farouq Aminu
    Larry Sanders
    Nikola Vucevic
    Patrick Patterson

  35. Fantastic episode today, guys. I almost lost it when the Bulls’ player intro music hit during Leigh’s shout-outs.

  36. I’m sorry but the pelicans has to be the worst team name in the league now. I know you like names of things associated with the states they play in. But I live in Louisiana and I promise there are Hornets. Utterly failtastic.

  37. I have a friend who is from New Orleans and he says that everyone in Louisiana likes “New Orleans Krewe — it has an connection to the city and it sounds cool!

  38. I’m not a big believer in the Wolves trading for Pau because I don’t think it makes a ton of sense for either team. However, the biggest argument for WHY the Twolves would seemingly force a Dwill-Pek-Barea for Pau trade is that they are a WIN NOW team.

    Rick Adelman is on the 2nd year of a 4 year contract and will likely retire afterwards.

    Owner Glen Taylor has already picked a new owner to sell the team to and is gradually phasing himself out over the next few years.

    Both of these guys don’t care about the Twolves in 2015-2016. If trading Derrick and Pek comes back to bite the franchise, it is no skin off their noses. They want to win now. If Pau comes to Minnesota, that is the #1 reason why.

  39. Kobe took 1180 games to get to 30,000 pts.
    Jordan took 1072 games to get to 32,000 pts.
    100 more games to 2000 fewer pts.

    Kobe’s performance is a function of longevity. Wagesofwins has a full breakdown of what an average Shooting guard would do over 17 years. Kobe is slightly above that.

    There’s a reason his teams barely smell the playoffs without other All-Stars on his team.

    Why consider him the greatest Laker? He sabotaged the team in the Detroit Finals, demanded a removal of Shaq, and demanded he be traded after the resulting mess the Lakers became after he got rid of Shaq.

    • that is so dumb it’s almost not worth commenting on. but I have acutally read the article you’re talking about and if you really buy what that idiot is saying than you probably enjoy discussions that revolve around super deep provocative theses such as “will smith’s part in men in black wasn’t hard to play, therefore any average actor could have done it and the movie would still have been a hit”. just one more thing and then I leave you to yerself and logic / semantics: explain how kobe’s perfomance is a function of longevity and an average shooting guard would perform similarly over 17 years if he shot as much, while there are only about 10 players in history that are even remotely close to 30.000 points.
      if you think about that long enough you might realize that the simpleton who up with that thesis might not fully grasp the concept of an “average” player and what that player typically can or can not do.

      • your ad hominem does not make kobe any better of a player. the reality is that he’s slightly above average because he takes too many bad shots (this year being an exception but it’s still early). i do give him a lot of credit for having such a long career. his focus and drive are admirable.
        i take magic by far as the greatest laker and top three all time nba.

        • if you refer to my rant as ad hominem you either haven’t understood or read the arguments I made, or you chose to counter them by basically reposting what joshua perry already wrote (if that isn’t you anyway). so, wow, powerful counterargument. but I hate TBJ trollwars so I’m going to retire from this discussion now. final hints: 1) average players don’t shoot as much for a reason. they’re average. they don’t create shots. and 2), again: why are there so few people with 30.000 points? juwan howard, kurt thomas and derek fisher are around for more or less 17 seasons. why didn’t they just gun away and join the elite club? it would have been so easy!

    • Kobe is the only all time great to win consecutive titles with two different rosters. 3 peat with shaq, 2 peat with gasol. Nobody else has done that.

      • Bill Russell did. (And he was the best player on all those teams.)

      • That is a dumb way to judge the “greatness” of players, and its not true.
        Many of the greats did. Jordan won with and without rodman and kukoc. Rodman won back to back on the pistons and bulls. Russell won without heinson and KC Jones.

  40. Rajon Rondo fantasy quarter of the night??
    1st q vs sixers – 10pts 8 rb 5 assists 1 stl 2 blks in 11 mins

  41. It’s probably just me, but I like “Young Pep Dash” (sp?) much better than woobly. Also, I think he has been getting shoutouts for a longer time.

  42. i actually really like the raptor name and I agree that the clippers sounds like a bad name for a team, the same goes with the nets/lakers/jazz.

    I agree that they should change the rules so that the hack a shaq strategy is taken away and there should also be less time outs during the game. I dont see why you would argue to keep time outs unless you want the money from the commercials.

  43. Nets is the most boring name. Might as well call a team the Basketballs or the Rims.

  44. Aren’t team names usually judged by how good/bad the team has historically been. Clippers Lakers is a perfect example. Both bad names, one team has amazing history the other a pile of garbage. So people think the Clippers name sucks as a result. If the Lakers were called the Clippers everyone would love the name.

  45. Tyler “Saved By The” Zeller

    When he gets the ball in the paint, he’s money….call him the Automatic Zeller.

    PUN GUN!

    (Moving on….)

  46. New Orleans Jaspers… Washington Wankers… Utah Sauce

    • Utah Bees makes sense. Or Utah Hives. Really, I’d prefer the Utah 12-Year-Old Girls, but that because they can go suck an egg. Clutch City forever.

  47. Couldn’t agree more about the timeouts. The last minutes can be brutal in a close game. There should be just 3 timeouts per half. 6 is way too many. Especially when coaches save 4 of them for the end of the game, and it is a free throw parade for one team.
    “Free throws. Time out. frantic play to get a jump shot in 4 seconds. timeout. Foul. free throws. time out. frantic play to get a 3 pointer in 3 seconds. timeout. look how the defense is set up. timeout. Inbound and Foul. Free throws. timeout. Coach draws out a lame play for a contested three pointer. Brick. Rebound, foul. free throws…”
    Games end like this waaaay to often. But the league can’t take away those commercial breaks, that’s money. Rule changes like shortening the introductions (who cares, the game hasn’t started yet) for the sake of “integrity,” yet not even addressing the 12 team timeouts + TV timeouts in each half that drag out the game exposes Stern’s hypocrisy.

  48. Not all nicknames that travel. We REALLY looked out when the Rockets left San Diego.

    Also, I think y’all should give another look at the name New Orleans Brass. Think about this: take the 70s Pacers jerseys, put the bell of the horn at the shoulder, and extend it on the shorts.

    And your logo? BRASS BALLS.


    • It was class.

      Too short? What the hell tbj comment box?! Haven’t you ever heard that brevity is the soul of wit?

    Thanks grey kerbyt bear for the comment that the grizzlies are called the grizzlies because that matches more the players they mainly consist of. two sweet cuddly biiig teddy bears in gasol and randolph!

  51. Every time Leigh does totw shout outs I picture the starting lineup introductions scene from semi-pro.

    In other news, what do you call it when Tyler takes a nasty shit. A Tyler Smeller.

  52. Utah Mitts… De-cafes… Big Lovers

  53. Re: Pun Gun. Favourite film? Godzeller.

  54. i remember them talking about it in a past episode, but i can’t find the episode now. what is that strange-sounding drop for j.r. smith from?

  55. The problem with Dwight hitting 40 FTs in a row in practice is that he’s under no real pressure. Here’s how you get him to be a >70% FT shooter before the end of the season.

    Shuffle a deck of cards (including two jokers). At some point during each practice or shootaround, make him shoot 54 FTs by himself, one for each card in the deck. Numbered cards are worth their value x100; Jacks, Queens, Kings: $2500; Aces: $5000; Jokers: $10000. Total up the misses each time and make him donate that money to a charity. In cash.

    Tell me that wouldn’t work!

  56. this whole ep is a coooooool story broooooooo cool story bro cool story bro cool story broooooooo

  57. Something to change about the NBA: the block/charge call. I don’t know what they could change about it, but it’s frequently frustrating for a multitude of reasons.

    Also, Tyler Zeller pun:

    What should he do when his mom wants to remodel her basement? Tile her cellar.

  58. re: hack a shaq/dwight

    so there is backlash at fouling off the ball a poor free throw shooter, how can Stern, Silver or even Melas consider fixing this without considering the leagues long history of intentional fouling on the ball, can’t fix without fixing the other, sounds kinda like (and captain international ball Tas Melas) knows the answer, bringing in an intentional foul (or what was previously unsportsman like fouls) 2 shots and possession, solves hack a dudley also could speed up the end of game free throw processions.

  59. Season Preview for NO@CHA if name change goes ahead-

    - If that wasn’t enough Geoffery Rush played a Pelican in Finding Nemo.

    Who and where is the guy working on the great addition to your house?
    A Tiler, Wine Cellar.

  60. so Tas has had the pun gun name in advance and then this week at the last second, the guy has really got the pun yips right now, lost his nerve, its worse than Lin’s jumper or Barganni’s D right now, perhaps his skills mix has been adjusted, an increase in dish pig, baking and work on the till skills in MMB, has been off-set by a reduction in Punability from a previous automatic pun all-star, it’s kinda sad watching a legend pun-dying

    perhaps next week, as a tribute to former fallen pun hero, the name in the gun should be Tas Melas

    • Tas never gets the Pun-Gun name in advance. Leigh sometimes does, but only because he occasionally helps me pick a name.

      That said, Tas has been struggling lately. Maybe he’s punning injured?

  61. should be able to talk about this more, but a classsic Aussie movie from the 70s is Storm Boy, all about a boy and Pelican

    also if the New Orleans team are about the state bird Pelican which is brown, perhaps a chance to bring back a team with Brown uniforms

  62. Hey guys, u forgot to rate your show using ryans.

  63. FIBA have 2 rules that could be implemented in the NBA at the moment

    If you foul someone off the ball at the end of a game deliberetly like the “Hack a Shaq” it is an unsportsmanlike foul 2 shots plus possession. I think this would clear it up straight away.

    The other rule is regarding fouling to stop a fast break as this is complete BS as well, if a player is on a fast break and is fouled from behind it is again an unsportsman like foul, 2 shots and possession.

  64. I was also super pissed at watching TSN hockey talking heads instead of the heat knicks

  65. Where can I get the 3pt jacket

  66. 32 teams

    VAN / *Vancouver Totems* (Expansion)
    SEA / *Seattle Sonics* (Expansion)
    POR / Portland Trail Blazers
    GSW / Golden State Warriors
    LAL / Los Angeles Lakers
    LAC / Los Angeles Clippers
    UTA / *Utah Grizzlies*
    PHO / Phoenix Suns

    DEN / Denver Nuggets
    OKC / Oklahoma City Thunder
    SLS / *St Louis Spirit/KC Kings* (From SAC)
    MEM / Memphis *Kings/Blues/Express*
    NOJ / New Orleans *Jazz*
    DAL / Dallas Mavericks
    HOU / Houston Rockets
    SAN / San Antonio Spurs

    MIN / Minnesota Timberwolves
    MIL / Milwaukee Bucks
    CHI / Chicago Bulls
    CHI / *Chicago Stars* (from CHA)
    IND / Indiana Pacers
    DET / Detroit Pistons
    CLE / Cleveland Cavaliers
    TOR / Toronto *Huskies*

    BOS / Boston Celtics
    BRK / Brooklyn Nets
    NYK / New York Knicks
    PHI / Philadelphia 76ers
    WAS / *Washington Patriots*
    ATL / Atlanta Hawks
    ORL / Orlando Magic
    MIA / Miami Heat


    - 90-game season
    - 2 games against each non-division opponent: 1 at home, 1 on the road. (48 games)
    - 6 games against each division opponent: 3 home, 3 away (42 games)
    - SCHEDULE: the first and last 21 games are divisional. the middle 48 are non-division. Non-division play begins on christmas.

    - FORMAT: Each division holds a single-elimination final-four style tournament over 1 weekend. These 4 separate tournaments are held in Las Vegas at the same time.
    - SEEDING: The last place team of each division is not eligible for the play-in tournament. The remaining teams are seeded by record. 1st tie-break goes to best divisional record. 2nd tiebreak goes to best divisional point differential.

    - FORMAT: Top 3 teams and divisional play-in winner from each division enter divisional playoff. Playoff has 2 rounds. First round is a best of 7 series (1v4:3-2-2, 2v3:2-2-1-1-1). 2nd round is a best of 7 series (2-2-1-1-1).
    - SEEDING: seeding is by overall record. 1st tie-break goes to best divisional record. 2nd tiebreak goes to divisional point differential.
    - RESULTS: the winner of the divisional playoff is named Divisional Champion and entered into NBA Championship Playoff.

    - FORMAT: winner of each division playoff is entered into a 4-team playoff. The semi-final round is a best of 7 series (2-2-1-1-1). The final round is a best of 9 series (2-2-1-2-2).
    - SEEDING: seeding is by overall record. 1st tie-break is non-division record. 2nd tie-break is non-division point differential.
    - RESULTS: The winner of the championship playoff is named NBA Champion.

    - LOTTERY: The top 4 draft picks are decided by lottery. all teams not automatically advanced to division playoffs and under the salary cap have an equal chance for a lottery pick. if there are less than 4 teams under the salary cap, the number of lottery picks will be determined by the number of teams under cap. if no teams are under the cap there will be no lottery and teams will pick in reverse order of record.
    - ORDER: After lottery picks are determined, the remaining teams pick in reverse order of record. Tie-break goes to the team in the worst division (worst division is defined by that division’s record against other divisions). If 2 teams from the same division have the same record, the tie break goes to the team with the worse over point differential in divisional games. 2nd round of draft is in reverse order of record. Same tie-breaks apply.
    - TRADES: Teams can only add lottery or non-lottery protection to traded first round picks.
    - WHEN: The draft lottery takes place after the regular season on the Friday before the play-in tournaments in Las Vegas. The draft takes place at the end of August.

    - balls on the backboard and rim are in play
    - 1 extra foul in overtime. if a player has fouled out in regulation, they are not eligible for overtime.
    - both teams in bonus to start overtime.
    - free throws resulting from fouls away from the ball while in the bonus can be taken by any player from the benefiting team.
    - don’t call flopping. flopping fines to be assessed to individual players following post-game reviews.
    - refs can review any play in the last 3 minutes of game and entire overtime.
    - 1 fewer automatic commercial timeout in each quarter.
    - 1 fewer 20 and full timeout per team in first and second halfs
    - a point is automatically given for all technical fouls. no need to shoot the free throws.

    - TEAMS: There are 4 teams, one from each division (PACIFIC, SOUTHERN, NORTHERN, ATLANTIC). Each divisional team is made of 7 players: the top 5 vote getters from their respective division as well as 2 reserves chosen by the league.
    - GAMES: All 3 games take place in 1 weekend. The first round is on friday night and the final is on sunday night. The seeding is based on a draw.
    - VOTING: Fans vote for the best 5 players from each division regardless of position.
    - RESERVES: Each team gets two reserves chosen by the league. There are no positional requirements applied to the choices.
    - COACHES: the current coach of the previous season’s championship playoff representative from each division is the coach of their division’s all-star team.

    - a team can go over the cap without tax penalty to resign a player that they drafted or gave that player’s first contract to.
    - everything over the cap is 2x tax penalty.
    - there is no limit on the number of max 5-year contracts a team can give.

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