The only bad part about this is that Rasheed Wallace didn’t knock down any three bombs last night, despite shooting six of them. Ironically enough, it’s also kind of the best thing.

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  1. Where is todays podcast

  2. The Heat have trouble with teams that are constituted like the Knicks or the Spurs. Teams with shooters, good ball movement, fast guards and at least one forward that can dominate the boards. Once they started switching every pick and roll they were lost. Their lack of size forces them to collapse the defense every time someone drives to the basket and the rotations are currently not happening to cover the 3′s that rain down on them… and yet this won’t work if the Knicks want to win a 7-game series like this.

  3. I think only of those touched the rim.

  4. I have been watching the Knicks for over 20 years and I have never seen ball movement like this before. Hopefully this continues for the whole season.

  5. Why is the Sheed thing “also kind of the best thing?”

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