Ep. 888: Earrings Are Cool, Man

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for Matt Bonner’s dunk, the Hawks, Westbrook’s block, Pierre’s return, and some classy Mavs. Thumbs down for Stephen Jackson’s “social media gangsta” moves, the Lakers’ effort, Bryan Colangelo’s excuses, Wesley Matthews’ hip, “Kiss Cam,” and, by far, the worst free-throw attempt of all-time.

All that, plus Ikea Monkey, earrings, MMA, and Leigh’s brother’s wedding. (Congrats, Tim!)


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  1. oi! without seeing the picture to the opening quote, I’m taking this for a 24-hour-party-people reference, all the more so since this is a (happy?) monday. do not care if the quote means something else, in my mind, there’s some plastic face carn’t smile the white out going on right now. and I’m dancing.

  2. I believe Jimmy Kimmel came up with the idea of coaches wearing the full uniform years ago. I think they even made a picture of Don Nelson rocking a Mavs jersey. Yeah, it wasn’t something that you’d want to look at.

  3. Can some German get stats of how many episodes of the fix/overdose have had segments on the lakers? Must be at least 70%, damn.

  4. Getting close to episode nine-hundred. Is anything special going to happen?

  5. the ‘this one is gold!’ drop from 37’45″ made me laugh for 5 minutes.

  6. i’ve played against win butler once. and while he was a good player, he has the biggest assholes for basketball-friends in all of brooklyn.

  7. haha i was at the rock the court charity game and remember when bonner took over for 2 minutes. amazing.

    also i got dunked on my brent barry. he two handed it.

  8. Corey Brewer lookin’ like Trinidad Jame$

  9. Underrated joke of the day:
    When Leigh Said “He’s one of the great shooters if all-time”
    Trey: Nick Young?

  10. @Graeme
    I live in the UK so I don’t know what Jimmy Kimmel said. I can imagine it being god awful to look at but possibly comedy gold! Sadly, it wouldn’t be Stern’s craziest decision!

    Also, I wasn’t stoned! But granted, definitely a stoner comment :)

  11. why not get hd camera?

  12. I remember an ’08 or ’09 Philly v Miami game where they put the “kiss cam” on Wade and Marion. Wade noticed and actually gave Marion a little peck on the top of the head. Good sport that Dwyane.

  13. GSW is 13-7 on Dec. 10 without 2 of their best 5! How on earth can you guys not be giving them any love?

  14. FIRE colangelo now

  15. “…I think we’re all a little tired of talking about the Los Angeles Lakers.” Amen to that, Mr. Melas. Finally, a moratorium on Lakers talk! Wha-what’s that? Three and a half more minutes on the Lakers? Oh! Never mind.

    • stop crying, nobody wants to hear about whatever poverty franchise you root for

      • forgot to add: leave the crying to me and the rest of the lakers fans :’(

        • You have my sympathy. Lucky for you, there are 29 teams for which you can root. (Despite what the majority of sports media would have you believe.)

  16. Is Woah Boy only for Sunday? Shout out to rondo for the best game of the weekend with the triple double and the double triple on Friday.

    16 pts/ 14 ast/ 13 reb 3 blk/ 3 stl only 5 TO

    PS: he had the triple double in the 3rd Q

  17. just how much does tas hate the “gimme some raptors news” drop?

  18. Tas stared into all of our souls during Skeet’s intro.

  19. Don’t worry Trey! I LOLed at your Nick Young as best shooter comment! Very well played.

  20. “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” is a great movie.

  21. Skeets, I really enjoyed your reading of Stephen Jackson’s tweet (19:22).

  22. Cool´╗┐ Story Bro: Javale McGee dunked an Oreo on 11 foot high bowl of milk on Sports Science.

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