I don’t want to risk Stephen Jackson punching me or trying to feed me a dangerous number of deep-fried ribs, so I will tread very carefully here — Iman Shumpert might be the best rapper in the NBA. I’m not going to definitively say whether or not he is, but he’s certainly up there.

Don’t get mad, Stephen Jackson. I’m just being honest.

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  1. Better than SJax. Definitely shits on Kevin Durant.

  2. best knicks related rap video since anthony mason was in diamond d’s best kept secret

  3. this is actually just a good verse regardless of profession. I’m extremely impressed

  4. blackhawk piece?!

  5. Careful Trey, S-Jax might go up in yo mouth.

    Also, it’s weird that Shump is wearing a Melo jersey right?

  6. out of curiosity is the iman shumpert featuring “EHH MAAANNN SHUUUUMMMPPPERRT” ?

  7. Shump’s got quite the flow, sounds much better than many others we got to hear. But Toney Parkair has one advantage: He raps in french.

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