Russell Westbrook: “Now Roy, I’m not going to be able to let you take this dunk or layup that you’re going to attempt right now.”

Roy Hibbert: “OK.”

RW: “So just go ahead and have a seat right here in the lane while I finish things up.”

RH: “OK.”

RW: “Thanks for understanding, Roy. It’s not your fault. This is just something I have to do.”

RH: “OK.”

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  1. Hahahaha.. Trey, this is one of your best blogposts of lately. HAHAHAlolHAHHAAHA!

    Kudos to RW as well for the block, and to RH for being Roy Hibbert.

  2. “OK.” Yeah, Roy Hibbert didn’t get much say in the matter.

  3. He’s well on his way to being the best center in the league.

  4. Hibbert is still sitting on the court. Somebody please bring him some food.

  5. The photos of this event say otherwise. It is pretty hard to block a two-handed shot attempt by a tall guys cleanly. It is possible, but you may hit half the arm as well. Still good effort Russell, and you got away with it. Roy’s gonna have a pretty good bruise on his right arm today.

    • It was a clean block, you can hit the hand, “it’s part of the ball” in the rule books, I don’t especialy like Russel, but that was awesome!!!! The post was OK. No it was awesome too!!!

  6. When can we start giving more credit, and by more credit, I mean starting Western Conference PG in the All-Star game to Russell Westbrook for how he plays the game and not just what he does on the court. When I watch Russ turn it on, it’s like an 8th grader playing with 5th graders, if he wants to take over and dominate, he can just make it happen. There’s only one other player who can take over like Russell Westbrook, LeBron.

    • You’re right. As somebody who has watched a lot of Russell Westbrook, I truly think that LeBron and Westbrook are the two best comparrisons for one another.

      They have similar builds and they play with similiar intensities and skill sets (the significant difference, of course, is that LeBron has 5 inches and 60 pounds on OKC’s point guard).

      And for the record, Miami would be a lot scarier with Westbrook in stead of Wade–talk about demoralizing!

  7. Don’t want to take anything away from Westbrook because anytime you can sit a guy down, you’ve earned it, BUT Russ jumps before Hibbert. How about some court awareness big guy?

  8. Russ is coming for Wade’s “Best Shot-Blocking Guard” belt.

  9. Jon, Hibbert is 7-2 (from Westbrook is 6-3, an 11″ height difference, plus the difference in reach from the floor. If they jumped at the same time, there is no way Westbrook can block the shot. The problem is when is Hibbert gonna start his jump and extend toward the basket.

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