Ep. 889: Lin and Lana

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss: Linsanity redux (and whether he can coexist with James Harden), Danny Green’s lockdown defense, Tony Parker’s first career triple-double, the Heat’s third-quarter run, D-Wade, LBJ’s dunks, “25 Years of Heat,” Josh Smith, the O.J. Mayo/DeMarcus Cousins mix-up, those road warrior Warriors, and how many games Amir Johnson will get suspended.

All that, plus new nicknames for the Clips’ bench, ridiculous explanations for the Lakers’ struggles, NBA YouTube videos, and the greatest call we’ve ever received. (We love you, Grandma Lana!)


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  1. Lin flourishes when ‘the stars are maligned’

  2. take good with bad: probably have bynum or cousins in there

  3. unlike tas I’m not so sure that lin ever was that good of a shooter in the first place… he only shot the ball well for the short stretch that was linsanity, if I remember correctly (his shot was supposed to be his weakness even during that stretch). and when in doubt sample-size wise, I’d much rather bet on him being a mediocre shooter who had one insane run, than on him being a great shooter who completely lost his touch over night.
    anyway, I’m pretty sure that lin is more of a slasher than a shooter, and as such he’s certainly not the best possible partner for harden. he’s also not the worst, though, and his backcourt partner isn’t super important anyway: harden’s game is best suited for a big, pick-setting, jump-shooting power foward kinda guy (imho).

  4. “I thought you’d get a kick out of it.”

    Grandma Lana with the pun! Sign her up, maybe she can give Tas some backup with the pun gun, he’s been struggling a little bit lately.

    • This was the best bit, she actually threw out an actual pun as opposed to what the TBJ guys do and basically rhyme a word with it. Grandma Lana is a boss

  5. Take the good with the bad All Star JR Smith

  6. How about Jamal Crawford for Take the Good with the Bad team?

  7. Can we have a moratorium on Barkley calling out better, more accomplished players? I love the Round Mound, but he basically color-commentated his way into the Hall. Wade has more hardware, and will probably end his career with superior stats, than Barkley. And frankly, that goes deuce for Reggie. When Magic or Larry call you out, it’s one thing. But I feel like Wade can just point to the scoreboard when Reggie or Barkley talk shit.

  8. Amir Johnson for dumbest ejection in a while.

  9. Re Barkley calling out wade. He can do that. His stats are nuts. He was the MVP player on the Dream team (or at least in the conversation).

    Rondo for the good with the bad all stars. Bad shooter but ridiculous finisher. Great passer, over passes some times. Huge bball IQ, physical tools, steals and then a bad defensive player. Great teammate but loses his head

    Also, I think we should see some video of TBJ’s rec league games.

  10. The Captain of any All-NBA Good-with-the-Bad team is DeMarcus Cousins. He’s a 20-10 a night potential All-Star with more talent than most the league and yet I’m still happy the Wolves drafted Wesley Johnson ahead of him in 2010.


    Ok. Maybe he isn’t THAT bad, but you know what I’m saying.

  11. Good w/ Bad team: Rondo, Westbrook at 2, Paul George, Josh Smith, JaVale McGee
    Bench: Mario Chalmers, Ben Gordon, Galinari, Marcus Camby, Chuck Hayes

    • I also feel like Thad Young, Marcus Thorton, and Antawn Jamison could have a roster spot. Possibly Bynum and Bogut, too (All-world centers when healthy: almost never healthy)

    • What’s bad about Chuck Hayes?

  12. Amar’e is a perrenial starter of the good w/the bad team.

  13. gotta agree with Alex, JR Smith is a veteran good with the bad guy.

  14. Very Cat in the Hat today Trey, far superior to the red sweatshirt mess I had to wade through catching up on things.

  15. Excellent advice from Skeets at the start of the show.

  16. Take the good with the bad: Stephen Jackson, Stoudamire, Turkoglu

  17. Can you guys call Grandma Lana every week for the Overdose?

  18. Correct that Asik is pronounced like Ashik. However the “i” there is not actually an “i” but close enough. Asik means lover BTW.

  19. Gary Neal statline was insane from last night:

    35 minutes, 29 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists.

    Don’t you have to luck into a rebound or assist?

  20. seriously can’t believe our good mate leigh didnt mention his favorite good with the bad player:

  21. I think Lin should come off the bench. He is a high energy guard who can score but is also a poor defender. He will fare better against second units which helps in the confidence column. Toney Douglas is also quietly having a good season, he deserves to start.

    The fact is that Lin and Harden are similar types of players. Harden is always more likely to have the ball in his hands and that limited Lin’s potential contributions. Lin can give you 25 to 30 minutes of high energy per night off the bench and the only way the rockets are winning now is if they flat out outscore teams.

  22. Here’s the correct pronunciation of Omer Asik (actually written Ömer Aşık with Turkish characters).


    It’s aah-shik, where the ‘i’ is pronounced like the ‘e’ in “usher” or “pocket”: ‘ə’ sound.

  23. mustache-rides?!?!?!

    • Ever since Mike Brown was fired and Mike The Moustache was installed recently,
      I’ve been calling them “Weekend at D’Antoni’s”.
      It works somehow, I just don’t ask me how.

      On The Grandma Lana Banner Slammer Grammar mistake. Wow that was fun to type.
      Anyone else imagining a sitcom somewhere between The Golden Girls and Fresh Prince?

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