I will admit to buying in to the idea of the Brooklyn Nets being cool. The black uniforms, Jay-Z, the herringbone court, Jerry Stackhouse being a good three-point shooter for some reason– all of it. It’s just a nice little change from the typical louder, bigger, brighter triumvirate that we’re used to when a team changes up their look.

I tend to think the internet agrees, which is probably why this shirt exists. It retails for $20, it comes to us from Frank & Jan, and it’s kind of perfect. Just so long as you’re OK with wearing a shirt that says something about it on the internet on it.

But anyways, sometimes the internet starts loving a random team because of the way they play, their collection of players or the amazing/stupid things they’re doing. It’s happened with the Suns and the Wizards, and it might happen with the Nets if they can somehow get Andray Blatche to return to his wacky ways while still playing well. The internet loves that kind of stuff.

Until that special day, it’s just this t-shirt and the one from UNDRCRWN making fun of everyone that hops on the bandwagon. But still, that’s two solid Nets shirts that poke fun at various groups who think they’re awesome, and they’ve come in the first two months of the season. If things keep going at this rate, we’ll have an entire closet full of black t-shirts with little variations on the Nets’ logo that zing anyone who dares to like Brooklyn’s new team. Dare to dream.

(via Four Pins)