Well, at least someone on the Raptors was playing defense. Too bad he lost that custom mouthpiece though. Those things are expensive, especially when you consider the extra money that goes to the league office for chucking it on the court in anger. Quite the chunk of change to keep your teeth healthy.

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  1. Where is the damn WIRED segment when you really need it….

  2. Good thing the refs have a solution to everything. Oh wait no. That was the most retarded thing the ref could have done.

  3. This was a very dumb incident, but it highlights a practice that I think needs to be cut out. It annoyed me a lot watching Ibaka have to grab the ball and touch it to his forehead on every free throw, which I noticed in the Spirs series and I can’t unsee. Now what happens when Raps play OKC? Do both Johnson and Ibaka get to play with the ball between free throws? What if others want to star the practice? We’d increase the game time by half an hour if all players had some
    superstitious ritual they had to do all the time.

    Just make it that no one gets to touch the dead ball except the refs

    • Well put, Rad. It is not enough that players shooting the damn free throw take all the time in the world with rituals and stuff, now we want everyone to have a go at this? No, sir. We don’t want that for sure. Amir had no business with the ball whatsoever.

    • DOES IT REALLY MATTER? I don’t see how you went from Johnson and Ibaka holding the ball to a few seconds to increasing the game by 30 minutes…

  4. all he wanted to do was see the ball… let the man see the damn ball

  5. I can see Rad E Cool’s point regarding players needing to use that dead ball time for a ritual FWIW.

    I can also remember Charles Oakley back in the day, raising his hand at the ref in a “stop” motion while he calmly positioned his feet for a free throw. (in his own time)

    I never saw a ref deny him that… but then again, I wouldn’t fck with Charles Oakley either.

    Surely something had to be said in this case though, right? Johnson by all accounts isn’t that much of a hot head is he?

    Either way, he’ll probably be suspended for throwing his mouthpiece, much like Udonis Haslem did during the 2006 playoffs. (He threw his at Joey Crawford and got a one-gamer)

    Keep up the good work guys, I never miss a show.

  6. Yet again, we see the refs go on a power trip. What’s the harm with giving Amir the ball? The most he’s going to do is get his sweat on it.

  7. Carlos Boozer does this all the time as well. It’s seems to be contagious because now Taj Gibson does it too. .

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