LeBron James just keeps adding things to his arsenal. First it was the running hook shot, now it’s the off-the-ref’s leg pass that leads to an easy basket. Weird night for refs and balls.

(via Oskar Jamtander)

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  1. I’m too lazy to go read the rulebook about this, but there must be something in there about this still being out of bounds, a dead ball or something. I’d almost bet a Speculoos on it.

  2. Irrefutable proof that the league is in cahoots with Miami. The game is rigged. Donaghy all over again! ;)

  3. If the ref touches the ball its considered “in play”, so the heat caught a break, but its still within the rules. Same with the lakers a few years ago . Kobe’s reaction = “WTF”


  4. I’ve always wondered if a player can intentionally use the ref’s body when making a play.

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