Oh man, you guys. I’m not sure anyone is going to miss a shot worse than this for the rest of the season. And even though play-by-play data technically counts this as a turnover, I think we can all agree it’s really a pullup jumper that he lost on the way up.

Just watch this thing a million times in a row and try not to be amazed.

Here is one of the easiest ways to know you’ve taken a legendarily bad shot — it goes out of the frame of the GIF when you shoot it. Yikes.

(via BuzzFeed/SportsGrid)

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  1. His little leg flare is fucking killing me right now

  2. Doing Brian Okam proud.

  3. 2K really needs to release a patch for this glitch.

  4. I like how his legs seem to pull up towards his body a few milliseconds after the ball has left his hands. Pretty sure his instinct after releasing that “shot” was to retract into the fetal position. Raymond really couldn’t have Felt-any worse about it.

  5. lol! Great stuff. They eventually won the game thats what counts.

  6. I think Rondo just beat him last night when he missed a potential game winning shot in regulation

  7. Dat french title. As someone living in Quebec City, I’m always surprised to see that french actually exists on the Internet.

    You know, someone with decent photoshop/animation skills could create some awesome gif (not like yours, a modified one) with that missed shot.

  8. Add Ray-Ray to the “good with the bad” all-stars? When he’s on, he’s on. When he’s off, he throws a ball straight up into the air.

  9. Can’t we count that as a block for Baltche? It’s the closest he’s gotten in a long time.

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