Ep. 890: Old Man, Look At My Leg

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” TBJ whether Jason Kidd’s game-winning three-pointer should have counted, ‘Melo’s sweet touch, the Lakers’ pathetic effort, Kyrie Irving vs. Kobe, C.J. Miles, L.A. isolation ball, the Clippers’ winning streak, Lamar Odom, and how “A Tribe Called Bench” is now “The Chip Clip.”

All that, plus Kobe’s Pippen, escalators, and tips for taking a five-year-old to an NBA game.


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  1. C’mon guys. Mirza Deli-tovic.

  2. Kobe actually scored on Kyrie the next play

  3. Where’s the streaming audio guys?

    • Hey MMATZ, the streaming’s there. Wondering why you can’t see it. I sent you an email, but feel free to answer here and let me know which browser and OS you’re using


      • I’m on Windows XP with FIrefox at work. This new player works, but it lags a lot, the old one ran smoother.

        • Ok. Thanks for your input. I’ll submit your comment to IT.

          Anyone else with issues with the new player, let me know, but please leave browser and OS info.

          • New player plays for a few minutes and then stalls. Old one worked fine.

            Windows 8
            Chrome 23.0.1271.95

        • new audio player sucks. just like the lakers. and im a lakers fan.

          • stuck with IE7 at work, and the audio player doesn’t work. Lucky i can listen to the youtube feed

  4. Hey Matt I’m at work and we have IE ver 7 and Windows Vista Business. Help I need my TBJ fix!

  5. AK-47 (in his prime) or Sideshow Andy as current players who could play well with Kobe. Thoughts?

    • Exactly the one I was thinking :-) I’m a huge fan of Pippen and AK47 is just that type of guy.

  6. Using Firefox on Ubuntu and the new player will not play. Also, have yet to see it on my ipad and all back episodes are unavailable in the podcast app.

  7. Best line of the day
    “Uh, Novak, uh something about pickles, uh I got nothing.”

  8. Trey’s opening “ay-yo”s are getting shorter and shorter…

  9. I think Skeets was right. Carmelo has got to be the most “New York”player on the Knicks. Carmelo was born in the Red Hook projects in Brooklyn (like Al Capone), and moved to Baltimore when he was eight. JR Smith was born in Freehold, New Jersey….

    Trey, c’mon son.

  10. Ron Artest in his prime could have been a great candidate for Kobe’s perfect sidekick.

  11. Skeets kind of mentioned it, but Kidd did the same motion with both legs, like a cartoon character jump. It wasn’t one leg hanging out there obviously, it was intentional of course, but he did it in a plausible way.

    Also is Melo vs. Wallace the best regularly recurring one-on-one match up?

  12. Im on Windows Vista IE6… not working.
    nah just kidding, great show!

  13. Clippers bench


    or, staying true to the original


    I can use that word, I’m chinese

  14. the thing im really missing in the show is pictures.
    when they are talking about Jason Kidd it would be nice to have i picture of him on the background instead of a TB logo or as of late a fireplace.
    is it too much work for one person, considering that you are already making the drops happen so frequently.

    anyway keep up the great work.

  15. Kobe’s Pippen? How about prime KG?

  16. Ideal partner for Kobe Bryant…Loul Deng….why not?

  17. Kobe’s Pippen: Grant Hill, Caron Butler, Gerald Wallace, Jeff Green, Shane Battier, or Kawhi Leonard

  18. Chip Clip is nice but how about A Bench Called Quest? A Tribe Called Bench is redundant and has no ring to it. A Bench Called Quest though? They’re after a championship and are essentially already a tribe of 5 subs.

  19. I’d go for KG as a complementary player for Kobe, wouldn’t mind sliding him down to the SF position, but would definitely mind him at the center, he’s just a PF he was born for that I personally think. And of course you can never go wrong having B. Russell on your team specially when you already have offense and you need defense and he’s in my opinion the best defensive player in the history of the NBA.

  20. I think Paul Pierce would have been an awesome complimentary player for Kobe. Both of them in their prime with Shaq, un-stopable.

  21. Come on! Russell and prime-KG are way to good players to be considered “Pippens” (no offense to him).
    Prime-Kirilienko is probably the best answer. The guy could guard 3 positions, great help defender, can create for others or for himself, can handle some of the scoring while playing with the reserves did, good rebounder, pretty okay with not being the alpha player on his team, not as glamorous as the star player… Al that sounds very Pippen to me…

  22. Two things worth noting after reading the LA Times Sports section today:
    1. Jamal Crawford has been suggested and told a reporter a title for the second unit, “Lob Deep.” Not bad.
    2. C.J. Miles was rocking some nice white and gold 9s against the Lakers last night as showcased in the photo on the front of the Sports section’s. I’d love to have a pair of those. I was always happy our bball team at Cal had Jordan stuff, and those are befitting of a Golden Bear uni in the future.

  23. I have never laughed harder at a pun than Tas’ Blogan pun.

  24. With Kobeashi you’ve got to pick players good enough to be truly complementary, yet also ones that wouldn’t be too overwhelmed with the overall ego/doucheyness of him. And LA.

    That being said, I agree and think Garnett is a good pick.
    AK47 is also good pick, but not sure how well he’d do in LA.
    Barkley popped into my mind also. As well as Dominique Wilkins.

    But in theory Odom/Ron Artest/Pau Gasol/Bynum was the correct answer wasn’t it?
    No? Oh, okay.
    It was at somepoint. Until 3 out of the 4 went crazy playing along side Kobe. Point taken?

    In theory you’d want an elite wing/point forward guy & an elite inside guy;
    A combo of, those who can remain productive without the ball, have range, and can defend or pass extremely well. Plus some athleticism…So everything basically.

    I’ve also tried to avoid the obvious, those I consider top 25 all-time.
    (Jordan, Russell, Chamberlain, Hakeem, Bird, Magic, Lebron etc)
    Here are some others:

    1a. A clone of Kobe himself – They’d probably get along well.
    1b. Dwight Howard and Shaq’s genetic lovechild- raised from an early age to be serious.

    Okay, really.

    Andre Iguodala
    Kevin Love

    Sort of now, but not really:
    Grant Hill
    Baron Davis
    Tracy McGrady
    Shane Battier

    Arvydas Sabonis
    Chris Webber
    Dennis Rodman (when sane)
    Shawn Kemp
    Any of Robert Parrish/Dikembe Mutombo/Bill Laimbeer
    Rick Barry
    Chris Mullin
    Bruce Bowen

  25. What’s the deal with Santa throwing the stocking on the fire at the 23:30 mark? Was there some coal in there?

  26. Hey there TBJ.
    First: I love you show and been following for years, keeo up th egood work!
    But the new Audio format is a problem, why did you switch away from mp3, the new format does not play on my mp3 player

    In order to listen to your show on my mp3 player I need to convert the youtube video to mp3 before it works. While I can work around this obviously its quite annoying… Please use common formats, thanks!

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