Come to The Basketball Jones for basketball jokes and analysis, stay for the football scoops? I don’t know — I just needed an intro to start talking about Terrell Owens, the really good NFL receiver who is both too old and too much of a hassle to get a job in the NFL. We’re talking about him today because he really, really wanted to play for the Clippers today, duh.

From ProFootballTalk:

“Terrell Owens is always — he was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract,” [Blake] Griffin said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Terrell Owens is 39 years old, which would make you think the Knicks would be the team most interested in him. But they have their own old rookie, so never mind. Also, the part about never having played NBA basketball might have hurt his case, but he did almost play for the Kings’ summer league team once, so that is something. Oh, and he won a Celebrity Game MVP once upon a time and was a two-time letter winner for a tiny Division I school that made the NCAA tournament while he was playing, which actually makes for a surprisingly strong resumé for a guy who has absolutely no chance of ever playing in the NBA.

The crushing blow to his NBA dream, I’m guessing, is when he lost a one-on-one game to a 4-foot-5 guy. After seeing that, I’m guessing the Clippers shied away from bringing in a semi-retired NFL receiver on a spec contract. Other than that, I’m sure he had a really good chance of making this team. They have tons of room on their bench and Vinny Del Negro is a genius at managing minutes and personalities, so I can totally see that working out just fine. Too bad about losing to that 4-foot-5 guy, otherwise I’m sure Terrell Owens would definitely be in the NBA right now.