Ballin: After missing 11 games, Kyrie Irving returned to the Cavaliers tonight and put up an OK line — 28 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds, one steal, four turnovers and one win over the Lakers. Decent return.

Not so much: Not only did the Lakers lose to a four-win Cavaliers team, Mike D’Antoni also got in to a squabble with a reporter during postgame interviews. So, you know, things are looking goooooooooood in Los Angeles.

Zippers: Remember the good old days when Jason Kidd couldn’t shoot jumpers? Now he is making game-winning threes while getting fouled.

That probably should have been a no-call on the leg flail, but Jason Kidd missed the ensuing free throw anyways, so chill out Jeff Van Gundy.

Flame on: 45 points on 24 shots (including five threes) for Carmelo Anthony in the Knicks’ big win at the Barclays Center. He also got kicked in the face by Gerald Wallace following a tip-in, so cool night for him.

Accurate: Here is something Lawrence Frank said about last night’s Pistons-Nuggets game: ”We got off to a great start. You’re not going to win a game 150-14.” That is true because the Pistons lost 101-94 and an NBA team as never scored as low as 14 points.

Fake, dunk: After watching this play, it is pretty obvious that Anderson Varejao is a better basketball player than Dwight Howard and Jordan Hill combined.

Other things he has over these two — no braids, doesn’t look like an NBA Live 2004 created player, head that can support a headband, soccer skills (probably).

Backstreet’s back: Also returning to NBA action last night was Anthony Davis, who went for 13 points, eight rebounds and three blocks. It is good to have him back in our lives because I have really been missing those unibrow jokes. Big-time.

Old man, look at yourself: Kyrie Irving is awesome, no diggity no doubt, but Kobe Bryant is still pretty good too.

The worst part about this is that that block pretty much just ensured that Kobe will be on one of the All-Defensive teams at the end of this season.

Coldies: Through three quarters, the Chicago Bulls went 9-14 from three, which was cool since they were averaging just four makes a game heading in to their matchup with the Clippers. In the fourth quarter, they went 1-6 and I was sad.

Other things: Here are Jason Maxiell and Greg Monroe making dunks happen against the Nuggets … Mike D’Antoni is an angry boy … Jamal Crawford playing at the same time as Blake Griffin means that alley-oops will occur … Naughty By Nature performed at halftime of the Nuggets-Pistons game because Detroit knows what the people want … Jerry Stackhouse is mad at a blogger, and also very old … GIF up top is via CJ Fogler