Outside of his slam against the Rockets, one against the Raptors a couple years ago, and those two dunks he had against us in the Rock the Court tournament, these are actually the only other dunks of Matt Bonner’s entire basketball career. I know it’s a surprise, but it has to be true.

(via Nik D)

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  1. Red Rim Rocker….I KNOW HIM!

  2. wow, i wonder who the 3 other whites that he beat in that dunk off looked like? lolol

  3. Those were some pretty nice dunks. Pretty suprised.

  4. i heard Todd MacCulloch speak at a bball camp once. he said he had once won a dunk contest adding “i used to be pretty athletic for a 7 foot white boy”

  5. WWE Raw 9:00pm
    The CW 90210 8:00pm

  6. the team in the white warmups at the end seem psyched about that last dunk, so through deductive reasoning… bonner was the only participant in this dunk contest

  7. has he lost upper body strength since high school???

  8. Suck it Brent Barry

  9. That’s my old high school…he was a senior walking around at 6’9″ while I was a 90 lb freshman. Those count as once-in-a-lifetime dunks in New Hampshire high school ball.

  10. He looks like he was in the worst shape of his life with the Raptors

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