“He’s pretty good.” — Bismack Biyombo on Michael Jordan

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  1. I’m sorry, hold on, is someone interviewing people with their iPhone?

  2. “He has a unique viewpoint on things…he’s got that competitive nature, he always feels like he can help you.”

    Solid diplomatic response from Gerald Henderson.

  3. I get the impression Gerald Henderson was trying to say “yeah he’s good and all but damnit he never shuts up and lets us just do our thing” in the most diplomatic way possible…

    • Well, “their thing” hasn’t brought them much success over tha last few seasons, so they might wanna try and pick something up from old Granpa Mike.

  4. I imagine Jordan in Bobcats practices is just like Kevin Bacon in the first scene of “The Air Up There”.

  5. How long til he punches someone in the mouth?

  6. Can’t go wrong getting game from the best

  7. You can tell Gerald doesn’t like what he’s hearing MJ say…. which is probably “you were a first round pick?”

  8. I’m deluded, I realise – but, I could see MJ coming off the bench and giving a team, 15-20 minutes a night, if he got himself a little more in game shape (whatever that looks like, at almost 50 years of age!)…

    Remember his HoF speech, about looking up and seeing him playing when he’s 50!!

  9. I don’t belive michael is practice with the grazy bobcats……

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