Are you guys interested in reading about a bunch of different times that Dwight Howard has cried? Well, such an article exists in the Los Angeles Times, and it tells all about how emotional of a guy Dwight Howard is. He cries at movies, he cries at insults, he cries at other things. Extra, extra. Read all about it: Dwight Howard is a human.

But yes, Dwight Howard is so emotional that he legitimately said “I’m emotional” in this interview without a trace of irony. And like I said, he cries at a lot of things, many of which are listed in this article. These cry moments include but are not limited to:

  • When families in Orlando begged him to stay.
  • When LeBron James won his first championship.
  • While listening to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” in bed after the Magic lost to the Lakers in the 2009 Finals.
  • When some people were killed during Tom Cruise’s new movie, “Jack Reacher.”
  • That time he lost a dance-off to Shaq.
  • When Bambi’s mother was shot in the documentary film, “Bambi.”
  • Whilst chopping onions.
  • Got kicked in the nuts once.
  • When he dropped his ice cream cone.
  • The beginning of “Finding Nemo.”
  • The middle of “Finding Nemo.”
  • The end of “Finding Nemo.”
  • All the in-between parts of “Finding Nemo.”
  • During the instrumental outro for Interpol’s “PDA.”
  • The first time his dad told him he loved him as a grown-up.
  • The night Chicago died.
  • Every time he’s been pepper sprayed.
  • After Bunny was kidnapped.
  • When he found out that Stan Van Gundy had just zinged him.
  • Immediately after being born.

Crying is OK, my friends. Strong men also cry and Dwight Howard is nothing if not a strong man. In fact, I think it’d be nice if we all joined in the comments and talked about the last time we cried. Really work through some things. This is a safe place.