Are you guys interested in reading about a bunch of different times that Dwight Howard has cried? Well, such an article exists in the Los Angeles Times, and it tells all about how emotional of a guy Dwight Howard is. He cries at movies, he cries at insults, he cries at other things. Extra, extra. Read all about it: Dwight Howard is a human.

But yes, Dwight Howard is so emotional that he legitimately said “I’m emotional” in this interview without a trace of irony. And like I said, he cries at a lot of things, many of which are listed in this article. These cry moments include but are not limited to:

  • When families in Orlando begged him to stay.
  • When LeBron James won his first championship.
  • While listening to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” in bed after the Magic lost to the Lakers in the 2009 Finals.
  • When some people were killed during Tom Cruise’s new movie, “Jack Reacher.”
  • That time he lost a dance-off to Shaq.
  • When Bambi’s mother was shot in the documentary film, “Bambi.”
  • Whilst chopping onions.
  • Got kicked in the nuts once.
  • When he dropped his ice cream cone.
  • The beginning of “Finding Nemo.”
  • The middle of “Finding Nemo.”
  • The end of “Finding Nemo.”
  • All the in-between parts of “Finding Nemo.”
  • During the instrumental outro for Interpol’s “PDA.”
  • The first time his dad told him he loved him as a grown-up.
  • The night Chicago died.
  • Every time he’s been pepper sprayed.
  • After Bunny was kidnapped.
  • When he found out that Stan Van Gundy had just zinged him.
  • Immediately after being born.

Crying is OK, my friends. Strong men also cry and Dwight Howard is nothing if not a strong man. In fact, I think it’d be nice if we all joined in the comments and talked about the last time we cried. Really work through some things. This is a safe place.

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  1. As a Raptors fan, I’m glad I’m not this emotional.

  2. What about when he stubbed his toe while watering his spice garden?

  3. He also cried when Geico didn’t save him $ on car insurance. And when his groupies told him they believed it wasn’t butter.

  4. No instrumental outro on obstacle 1. Maybe you’re thinking of PDA? That’s a lovely outro.

  5. Not saying I cried, but the end of Finding Nemo is much more emotional when you watch it as a parent. So I’ll give him a pass on that one. No real reason to cry in the beginning or middle though.

  6. you get sarcasm and irony mixed up.

  7. I’m partial to NYC as far as Interpol goes, but to be fair, I read the article this morning and it said he “nearly” cried during the Cruise film. It pisses me off that’s the lead story in the sports section here over the Clippers’ 8 game streak. Fucking Lakers.

  8. It doesn’t let me directly reply, Trey. Weird.

    Gotta love Wikipedia!
    Us Brits seem to distinguish sarcasm from irony whereas you guys seem to blur the two. I’d use “sarcasm” in that instance. No grudges!

    Anyway, nice article!

  9. I cried at the end of “Con Air” when Nicholas Cage gives his daughter the bunny.

  10. Why do I always say “F&$k Dwight big f’in baby” everytime I see an article about him? Is this what is called hate? I am confused.

  11. A man with the soul of a child.

  12. Tears of a Clown

  13. Really missed one thing on this list: Forrest Gump when Forrest meets his son.

    • Oh wow yes. “Is…is he…s-smart?” *BAWL*

      I defy Dwight or anybody to be unmoved by the ending of Toy Story 3. If you are not, please take the “Am I a psychopath?” test.

  14. On the season ending of Basketball Wives.

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