Three game-winners last night, so choose your favorite.

Draymond Green’s “Thanks, Jarrett Jack”
This is my personal favorite because you don’t see bullet passes that lead to game-winning layups very often. I’m sure Grandma Lana agrees. Only reason I can see picking against this is that time didn’t technically expire as the shot went through.

Mo Williams’ 3-Point Bomb
Calm, cool, collected, headbandless — Mo Williams just calmly wets a pull-up three that looked a little too easy. Good defense by Danny Green, better shot by More Willy.

Goran Dragic’s Squiggly Layup
Feels like this shot came about because Marc Gasol forgot for a split-second that Goran Dragic was left-handed. Like he did a great job cutting off angles on both sides, except for right there at the last second when Dragic was able to switch to his strong hand.

Like I said, I’m going Jack Jarrett to Draymond Green, but I see the merits in all of these. Let’s hear your favorite in the comments.