Three game-winners last night, so choose your favorite.

Draymond Green’s “Thanks, Jarrett Jack”
This is my personal favorite because you don’t see bullet passes that lead to game-winning layups very often. I’m sure Grandma Lana agrees. Only reason I can see picking against this is that time didn’t technically expire as the shot went through.

Mo Williams’ 3-Point Bomb
Calm, cool, collected, headbandless — Mo Williams just calmly wets a pull-up three that looked a little too easy. Good defense by Danny Green, better shot by More Willy.

Goran Dragic’s Squiggly Layup
Feels like this shot came about because Marc Gasol forgot for a split-second that Goran Dragic was left-handed. Like he did a great job cutting off angles on both sides, except for right there at the last second when Dragic was able to switch to his strong hand.

Like I said, I’m going Jack Jarrett to Draymond Green, but I see the merits in all of these. Let’s hear your favorite in the comments.

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  1. I’d say Williams is the best, but only because of the events leading up to it. The Jazz had an opportunity before his shot to essentially do the same thing. Williams had the ball, refuses to pass off to Paul Millsap or Al Jefferson, who are both on fire. Takes his first shot gets his own rebound, and you could see he still wasn’t going to pass it before Corbin called the timeout. Way to be a team player Moe.

  2. I like the Draymond Green play. Probably the least dramatic but it beat the Heat which makes it that much sweeter.

    • The Green play probably was the most simple solution and thus the best in my opinion.

    • Agree. Dubs with the best play. Thompson and Curry go around screens on both sides of the floor as clearly the primary targets. Great vision by Jack to see past LeBron to Green come open when Battier out-thinks himself and steps out on Thompson (who, I think, is a face mask away from being the new Rip Hamilton).

      • G-State on this one, for the reasons that smk73 pointed out. Also, my inner villain prefers to silence an arena before I send them home with sad faces.

  3. Love the Williams because of the fan behind the basket with the folded sleeves who raises his hands in celebration before the shot even goes in

  4. Dancing Bear wins.

  5. I’m going with Draymond Green too. The Warriors had been running that same play for what seems like almost the entire game. Only this time rather than passing to Spicy Curry or Clay Thompson and then on to whoever set the pick, Green slips the pick immediately and gets a perfect pass. That’s great coaching, great execution and great teamwork.

  6. Between Dragic or Green for me. Williams was just a pull up, although difficult, didn’t require skills that Dragic used or the great pass that Jack that through.

  7. I have to go with Williams because he is 3 or so feet behind the arc and he was having a terrible night, but he came through. Plus it was against the spurs the best regular season team. A team that almost beat the Heat with out their 4 best players.

  8. I thought the Williams shot had the best atmosphere/crowd reaction. Also, as was mentioned earlier, the events leading up to it are what make the whole thing so ridiculous.

    Moe Money

  9. Draymond! Lets go warriors! Fun times as a long suffering warriors fan!

  10. Williams was good because he swished in a well-defended 3.

    But, for basketball reasons, I like Green’s better. He got himself an open layup because of the lapse in defense and then Jack made the smart play for the high percentage layup.

  11. Good defense by Danny Green but not great. Keep your hands up man!

  12. I’m going with Dragic, baby hook over Marc Gasol with .5 left? CLUTCH.

  13. warriors. there is something beautiful about a well execute variation on a play to win the game. nice coaching action jackson.

    great night of ballin either way.

  14. I was all like “Where’s Dragic think he’s going… OH.” He gets my vote for going into the belly of the beast (the painted area with Marc Gasol).

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