On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Basketball Jones recap all 14 games from last night. (Yes, we’re counting our rec league final.) Topics discussed include the Warriors’ defensive improvement, Draymond Green on LeBron, Pop rippin’ Danny Green for his D on Mo Williams’ game-winning three, Gordon Hayward’s inspired play, that ugly Mavs-Celtics double OT game, half-court shots, and Matt Barnes.

All that, plus the Sex Warriors, handsome Chandler Parsons, “getting pumped,” Tim Duncan’s stats, and a quick round of NBA Spelling Bee.



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  1. The audio player is being super temperamental today, so I’ll just go ahead and apologize if it’s not working for you. Technology, guys. Technology.

  2. The new player is not working for me on IE or Chrome (on Windows 7). Just an FYI, saw there were some issues yesterday too.

  3. working fine for me on chrome on windows 7.

    Tas..was “fact checka!!” a reference to “butt scratcha” hahah

  4. Come one children!!
    It is too easy:

    Step 1: click on “Download the .mp3 directly”
    Step 2: right-click on the podcast and “save target as..”

    that’s it!
    very very easy!
    download finished in ca 20 secs.

  5. It’s crazy (and hilarious) that Skeets’ day was pumped by Bibby being signed by an NBA team

  6. Another alternative is to click download now then play now. You can play it from windows media player

  7. Wait wait guys you actually played against Marciulionis????? As a Lithuanian listener I was really surprised by this. So how did he do? Did he destroy you or something? Please give me some juicy details.

  8. Loved the near-constant use of “pumped” — I was looking for the perfect descriptive for the sequence last night where Mullens got half-stuffed by Blake and then wedged the ball in the crotch of the rim. Pumped. Pumped all around.

  9. No video today?

  10. Tas sometimes sounds like Kermit the Frog. Listen around the 15 minute mark when he’s talking about Rondo.

  11. Yo Golden State isn’t exactly a small market team, and with their upcoming move cross-bay to the city, will be one of the biggest market teams out there.

    • Ya….when you look at metro areas, they are in a market that is just a bit smaller than the Boston area (11th on the wikipedia list in US)…. they certainly ain’t no Sacramento, OKC, or Memphis.

    • For real. #6 Market in the US. 2.5 million people. Tons of money (SF, Silicon Valley, etc).

  12. Skeets literally needs to improve his “literally” usage.

  13. Is the we suck were idiots drop pierce?

  14. Guys, it’s not Vaa-ruh-jow , it’s Vaa-reeh-jão(nasal sound)

    In portuguese the ão makes the nasal sound.

  15. Any chance there’s some video of your rec games guys?

  16. Garbage time is the best time. Thanks Leigh.

  17. Thought you were going to get the second Beckinsdale with this one, good show guys.

    That free throw block in the Nets game was really one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen in an NBA game, super like wtf, did I just see that?!

  18. Perhaps next GF v Sex Warriors could involve some sort of bet, not sure who wins with Johnny Utah hosting the Jones?

    Everyone playing in a rec league lives to sledge their opposition pre, during and post game, the difference is most of us don’t play in a team named after a podcast we host that is number 1 on iTunes, karma boys

    Loved the spelling game now perhaps combine it with the Lee card opening game and we have perfection :)

  19. guys, keep up the short analysis for every game.. great stuff.

    i think you should do literally every game.. see it this way: fans of winning teams are happy anyway, fans like me (pistons, oh god) have nothing to cheer for other than a quick review on how bad our team is

  20. There is a technogoly that would improve reviews and they have it at a lot of NBA-games: The Phantom Camera, recording 300 frames per second..
    It will be fun, when they’ll be able to use that cam’s data on the fly..

  21. Get on that TBJ soundboard idea!

  22. This is a comment to yesterday’s episode (#890) – you guys were talking about High Top Fades. There were lots of players who’ve rocked the fade throughout history, but the high top fade Brandon Jennings rocked in 2010 not only rivaled, but paved the way for both mi man Iman and NorCo. When you thought it couldn’t get better, he went Full Gumby. Respect.

  23. I hope you guys chat a bit about Hollinger getting hired by the Grizzlies to bolster their advanced metrics department and such. I wonder how much those guys really help…


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