Ballin: Joakim Noah had a good game, huh? 21 points on 10 shots, 7-7 from the line, seven rebounds, five assists, three blocks and a steal. So yes, good game.

Not so much: Two Cavaliers made at least half of their shots — Tyler Zeller and Tristan Thompson, who combined to go a whopping 5-7. The rest of the Cavs went a combined 22-74 on their way to a 33 percent shooting night as a team. In related news, they lost to the Pacers by 15.

Huh?: First it was a referee playing offense for the Miami Heat, now it’s one playing defense against Kris Humphries while he shoots a free throw.

I guess it’s true. Everyone does hate Kris Humphries.

Deepsies: Zaza Pachulia went 0-0 from three in the Hawks’ win last night (surprise, surprise) but that’s only because this three-quarters court bomb was a smidge too late.

Trade him: The Minnesota Timberwolves pulled out a win against the Nuggets, despite Kevin Love going 3-17 for eight points a day after saying all that cuss about his franchise. It’s pretty obvious to me that they need to trade him immediately, and the only trade that makes sense is to the Chicago Bulls straight-up for Carlos Boozer.

Guys don’t make passes: The Dallas Mavericks had a perfect 1:1 assist to turnover ratio last night — 27 assists and 27 turnovers. Oh wait, that’s not good.

Shakey dog: It is kind of bizarre that Chris Paul might not have the best handle on the Clippers when he can still do this.

Oh, just a couple of behind-the-backs on the move against the defender to get a wide-open jumper. No big deal.

Stru-ggggg-ling: The Miami Heat didn’t score the final 3:17 of their buzzer-beating home loss to the Golden State Warriors. LeBron James, in particular, didn’t score for the final 6:39. Somewhere, Skip Bayless got a boner.

Guess who?: One player from the Bucks-Kings game said the following quote and I want you to read it and figure out who won: ”It seemed like the Sacramento Kings were going to turn it up at one point, but they never did.”

Deface: Coaches will tell you that you need to get a hand in your man’s face when you’re playing defense. Rajon Rondo listened.

I don’t quite know how Mark Jackson’s “Hand down, man down” applies here, but I’m sure it does somehow. You figure it out.

Through the quad: After last night’s win against the Bobcats, the Clippers have now won eight straight games, their most since the 1991-92 season. Meanwhile, the Thunder have won nine straight and you don’t really hear much about that because they were in a different city during 91-92 and no one wants to bring that up.

Beardish: Playing on a sore ankle, James Harden went for 31 points on 50 percent shooting and threw down a sizable dunk upon the Wizards. Imagine how good he’d be if he had no feet. (Probably not good, since he couldn’t walk.)

Other things: There were a whole bunch of long shots last night, including Zaza, Monta Ellis and Toney Douglas. Must be something in the water … Terrence Ross only ever does one dunk, but it’s still pretty good … Oh, and Blake Griffin is also still good at dunking, duhJeff Green and Russell Westbrook too, I suppose … I very much enjoyed Joakim Noah getting booed every time he did his finger gunz