And probably from Amar’e Stoudemire too, I am guessing.

(via SLAM)

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  1. Patrick Patterson is way too into this, looking like DMX singing Rudolph.

  2. “Meat.”

    Was that Delfino who was also very into it?

    • Harden was definitely too cool for school to be in this video.

      “Nah, I’m not feelin’ that*,” he reportedly told Kevin McHale.

      Also, great “Meat” call back, Jon. The more Euros we have in this videos the better.

      *Made up quote.

  3. Motiejunas’s accent is perfect for this song. Also, I was waiting for Patterson to yell “REMIX!!!”

  4. We need a reaction video of Matt Osten watching Chandler Parsons singing a Hanukah song.

  5. I’m not sure whose part was the best. Its a toss up between Cole Aldrich, Delfino or Patrick Patterson

  6. Apparently you dont need to be able to read to get into Harvard

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