This is what you have to do when you’re brothers. I’m sure Robin Lopez would do the same if someone tore one of Brook’s comic books. Family first.

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  1. Luke Walton sighting.

  2. My dad can beat up your dad!

  3. as psycho he is as classic he is!
    tas, skeets and especially leigh the great ellis would do this ANY time you would be involved in a similar situation!

  4. I was hoping old man Hansbrough would run down from the stands to get involved.

  5. Why would a team need 2 Hansbroughs?

  6. Cool hans, brough.

  7. Apparently you’re allowed to flip out if someone hits your brother. Whereas other players get techs for rolling their eyes.

  8. Does anyone else think Ben Hansbrough flopped? He definitely got some contact, but the over-reaction, flailing, and falling to the floor seemed all his creation. Am I crazy here?

    • Absolutely, you can notice a slight pause after he got hit and before he flailed..

      • Naah, he clearly got hit in that nerve in the neck which is connected to the forehead via time-delayed pain sensors.

      • Actually, that slight pause proves it was real. We’re so used to flopping, we think the reaction to an actual hit should be instantaneous (or even AHEAD of time!). Truth is, it takes that extra fraction of a second for the body to react… most especially when the contact is unexpected, as it was in this case. You have to feel the hit, feel the pain (which is not the same thing, especially with blunt force trauma), realize what the hell just happened to you, and finally, react to get out of the way and/or catch yourself if you’re falling, etc. When seen in real time, this reaction if 100% normal and real.

  9. Psycho-T, living up to his nickname. I actually love the fact that, as pissed as he was, he never made a move to hit the opposing player.

    Seriously, how many NBA players would have either shoved, punched or tackled the guy? I’m saying 75% of them.

  10. Ignore the fact that your brother ripped off the guy’s face mask. Classic Psycho T.

  11. That is the most pro wrestlin-est hoops clip ever. I think Ben got hit with the turnbuckle. Moon Dogs vs. Psycho T and B, Pay Per View Wrestle Mania IVIVIXXX.

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