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On today’s show, The Jones hit you with their Q1 Quarterly Report. We’re talkin’ which teams’ stocks are overvalued, which undervalued teams you should invest in now, and which NBA players are can’t-miss Blue Chippers. Other topics include Kevin Love’s comments about Wolves management, the NBA All-Star Game’s first ballot returns, and whether Vince, Grant Hill, ‘Sheed, T-Mac and Iverson are Hall-of-Fame worthy?

All that, plus Hoop Data, Tyrus Thomas’ wife, mountain biking, The Alan Parsons Project, sexy NBA coaches, and a guy named Laird. Seriously. Laird. That’s his name. Say it out loud.


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  1. I’m getting an “Unknown content specified” error

    please respond

  2. Unlike everyone else on this site, I’m going to wait till they fix the sound player and not bitch about it. They obviously know. They’re obviously trying to fix it. Relax

    • Just as a tip, it was working on iTunes before the player started working so that’s always a plan B if you don’t feel like waiting.

  3. Question: if I wanna buy a tbj shirt where do I go?

  4. Working fine for me! Looking forward to see how you guys got to talking/mentioning Laird. The guy is amazing….a bit of a prick, but I guess he’s earned it.

  5. I tweeted this, but I’ll say it here too: Given what’s happened in Connecticut, this podcast really doesn’t matter. We know that, and you know that. But hopefully this show will be a small pick-me-up for you at some point today or this weekend.

    As always, thanks for listening, guys.

    • I know this blog is as much about humor as it is basketball and most/all of my comments are not serious, but I want to sincerely thank you for this. Not just recognizing the tragedy but also providing distraction and entertainment. You guys are the only blog/podcast I read/listen to daily without fail. Keep up the good work.

      • What Hellociraptor said ^^

        I was stuck at work today and it was hard to focus. I just wanted to keep refreshing Twitter or read news stories or talk to loved ones. Having a fun podcast to help me control my focus was vital in actually getting work done today. Thanks guys.

  6. So many hilarious bits. Creepy young stuff.
    Undervalued-Milwaukee if ilyasova plays like ilyasova
    Overvalued-Knicks-tremendous start by them but those three shots have to go down. Right?

  7. Girls Aloud is the correct answer.

  8. Overvalued – Hawks
    Undervalued – Sixers
    Needs To Diversify – Grizzlies
    Superstar In The Making – Kyrie

    Vince – Maybe
    Grant Hill – Yes
    Sheed – No
    T-Mac – Probably Not
    AI – Definitely

    And the moment I remember most from that 2001 Raps/Sixers Game 7 is Charles Oakley’s missed Dunk-to-Layup-to-Dunk attempt late in the game when the Sixers were making their run to take the lead…The moment I stopped being a Raptor fan smh

    • The Sixers have a negative point differential. I think they’re a little overvalued, actually.

    • Overvalued – New York (the league will catch up to their strategy), Clippers (same big-man-rotation problems as last playoffs), or any team that clearly will try to tank at the end of the season but hasn’t tried to tank too hard yet (Orlando, Houston, Dallas?)

      Undervalued – Denver (too many good trade pieces to have same roster problems after the trade deadline) or Boston (always slowly rounds into tip-top shape by the playoffs)

      Needs To Diversify – Denver (more shooters, a reliable big), Minnesota (needs a shooter), Lakers (need a bench)

      Superstar In The Making – Arron Afflalo (name-dropped in this year’s most popular rap album, the best player on his team, will be the popular trade target for any team needing a SG who plays defense and shoots 3s [same goes for JJ Reddick]), Damian Lillard or Nic Batum

      Vince – No
      Grant Hill – No
      Sheed – No
      T-Mac – No
      AI – Yep

  9. Kevin Love’s complaining just shows that KG was a better franchise player than Love will ever be.

    I’m still mad at Minnesota for wasting KG’s prime. They wasted it.

    • Maybe if KG had complained more loudly in 1998, the Wolves wouldn’t have wasted his prime. Seems like Kevin Love is very aware of that.

    • If Ricky gets offered the 5-year max and Love is offered a very rich 4-year extension when both of them are eligible in the summer of 2015 (Ricky will be a Restricted Free Agent and Love will have the option to opt-in to the final year of his current contract), it will be interesting to see if contract envy breaks up this budding duo like it did to Steph and KG back in the day.

  10. Also:

    Grant Hill – Yes

    And no for all the others.

    I do have one questions though – if The Knicks or Clippers win a title this year does that change your opinion of Sheed and Hill?

    • You’re telling me Allen Iverson is not a Hall of Famer? The most important player in the NBA for like 5 years? Won an MVP and 4 scoring titles? Played hurt most of his career and STILL is one of the 5 best pure scorers of All-Time? Dude, I don’t know what kind of drugs your took before writing that comment, but that’s some hard shit. You should see someone about that.

  11. What happened to your old player? This one just stops randomly for ten minutes.

  12. Started crying in the office when I heard Meta World Queef…

  13. Hey “Skeets” leave my name alone!

  14. Was absolutely not prepared for Metta World Queef. Laughed very, very inappropriately at work.

  15. When Kobe goes against the plan and does his own thing, he’s Kobe Defyant!
    When he sticks to the game plan he’s Kobe Compliant!

  16. A.I. has got to be a lock. Unlike T Mac and Vince, who weren’t able to carry teams deep into the finals, Iverson carried a team full of crap to the finals. Then against a team with 2 of the best players ever and an bunch of good pieces Iverson avoided the sweep and got a game. I can still remember Stephen A making his prediciton before the series. “AI gonna getcha one.

  17. Tas is right, guys : nobody covers TBJ like TBJ.

    No but seriously, you guys rule.

  18. All this anatomy talk and no mention of how Trey combines the best of both genders. You do usually worry about feet with the bigs, but Trey’s gotta have your rec league thinking double trouble.

    Holiday ideas: TK as elf with MattyO as his father and MattyO going solo in python’s ‘Bridge of Death’ scene.

  19. Tas, as much as you want to be objective about the knicks, you just cant!

    You say that teams will get used to play the knicks and thats why they cant keep it up and on the other hand you say that Amare (who is a legit 2nd scoring option) coming back is a bad thing? Go home Tas, you’re drunk! ;-)

  20. This is hands down the best show you guys have done this year, and I’ve been laughing my a$$ off most of the fall. Keep at it boys!

  21. Where was the Kate rating for this show??

  22. You guys really lost it at the end with Laird.

    “Step into my Laird”

  23. the term “pumped” should be in every episode

    • Agree. They missed a few GOLDEN opportunities. You can find my breakdown at “The TBJ Breakdown: We’re Pumped”, soon to be on iTunes.

  24. Kobe pun…favourite steak Kobe
    Cheese…Colby Bryant
    What is a bee in the winter? Cold bee Bryant

  25. THE TAS IS BACK (in pun gun)!!!

  26. Kobe’s favorite Monty Python movie?
    The Life of Bryant

    But massive condolences and thoughts going out to Connecticut, absolutely unthinkable tragedy.

  27. Though not Trey-related, nice Larry Sanders “hey now” drop. I wasn’t sure you guys were old enough to get that reference.

  28. If Kobe was a controlling douchebag? BRObe Tryant.

  29. Whoaboy – Matty O liked the Blind Side?

  30. maybe the Dixie chicks??

  31. Amazing show guys. I’ve watched/listened to all 892 episodes and I think that this probably the funniest out of all of them. Was already hilarious, but Metta World Queef + Laird had me in tears for the last 10 minutes and beyond. I wish there was footage of this one.

    “His name is Laird” TBJ t-shirt please!

  32. hilarious show, slow bee try ant best pun all time

  33. a Metta World Queef would make for a great TBJ t-shirt

  34. the joke with Woobly’s epic introduction was funny the first time. now it already feels forced. you should probably can it.

  35. Hilarious show guys!!

  36. Best show by far

  37. T-Mac’s career was messed up because of injuries he was a player any team would have wanted in his prime but was surrounded by bad players he should be in the hall of fame because of his play but his teammates held him back.

  38. Undervalued – Da Bulls! DRose. If he recovers well and they click, they could be the 2nd best team in the East.

    Kobe – if he ate a lot of hot dogs…

  39. sweet laird that was funny!

  40. Moment of the show “Hoop daaaata” *sips a cup of tea with pinky sticking out*

  41. This show was absolutely hilarious. The ending had me in tears

  42. Funniest overdose since the time J.E. Skeets tore it up in a round of freestyle Rap…

  43. Awesome show, I completely lost it several times while listening.

  44. Hey Trey-
    How did you like those overvalued Warriors destroying those undervalued Hawks? BEATEMDOWN!

  45. If tbj had manditory drug test, skeets would fail today. Because of that the show gets bumped down a kate. Can’t use ped’s to boost you’re stats skeets.

  46. It. Was. The. Best.

  47. Best overdose ever?

  48. Skeets in response to anonymous knob “if only we knew his real name”

    correction “if only we knew his real knob”

  49. Overvalued – grizzlies

    Undervalued – lakers

    Needs To Diversify – nuggets

    Superstar In The Making – Jrue Holiday

    Vince – no
    Grant Hill – yes
    Sheed – no
    T-Mac – no
    AI – yes

  50. “embrace the day laird”

    i nearly died laughing

  51. Vince is no hall-of-famer, but he IS the greatest in-game dunker ever, and it’s not even close. Maybe Nique can challenge, but I submit these two dunks and can say that Dr J and Jordan never did those things:

    (Yes, thoses two dunks were in the same year.)

  52. two part question are their any owners in the NBA HOF?
    do you think its possible Mark Cuban would be voted in or any other owner Jerry Colangelo ect.?

  53. “What a show” – Leigh Ellis voice

    So much gold in this episode

  54. Tweet of the week is much funnier when introducing the captain if you let Leigh do it. JE, just let him do his thing and laugh.

  55. The Dixie Chicks

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